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Who Called me Chulli, First?

Posted on Oct 14, 2011 by arunchullikkal

That’s long back I guess, someone called me “Chulli” for the first time. Chulli by word in my native language means a dry skinny branch or a kind of plant seen in coastal Kerala having thorns in every part of it, except for its beautiful blue flower.

Coincidentally, it has a philosophical association to my life that looks like a beautiful flower to me, despite the thorns around it which I had passed in its early stage.

Why I think of it now? Well, on the other day, one of my colleague was talking to his friend who I worked with in Poornam and happened to discuss about me as I share a common identity of being a colleague to both ‘them.  Read more »

A Positive Shore

Posted on May 30, 2011 by arunchullikkal

I think I have wrote so much about Poornam, my ex employer. Still my pen is filled when I think of Poornam. If you happened to be an expatriate, you would know how each second in a holiday season is got slated. Well, I never heard that any of my colleagues or friends over here in Dubai had taken some moments to spend in their ex-company during their vacation. It does not mean that “no one has ever”. I speak from the limited world of my knowledge. Whatever, I do find some time to go there, to my dearly loved Poornam. I think I have not missed it in my last two vacations.

On your vacation, you have some prime spot to go for which you have a severe reason or emotional cause to go there.

Well, what makes me go Poornam Read more »

Unforgettable Birthday

Posted on April 8, 2010 by arunchullikkal

I had never cut a cake ever, before I joined Poornam. The only B’day we celebrated at my home of my mom. It was always coupled with Christmas since she was born on Dec 23rd. Other than that, everyone else’ birthday at my home was abridged to some kind of greetings, a kiss, and homage of a pack of candles to the parish church. Even if I had really longed to cut a cake on my birthday, have at least some people around, sing for me ‘happy birthday’, I never stipulated for it. I knew how my father was fraught to make the daily bread for us. Adding cake to his daily purchase was much more luxurious. Hence, I used to cage my wish to the last.

I think, the most beautiful day in one’s life is birthday. Although we attempt the best to cover them in absentmindedness, as the day turns up, we find ourselves in a kind of joy; although every celebration of the day is absent. Read more »


On Autographs

Posted on May 4, 2009 by arunchullikkal

It was in 2000 or 2001, Diana, my classmate during university studies, showed me an article, written by herself and Danny, her brother, titled “Keep in Touch”. It was to publish in our class letter, and later it was elected to the college magazine for the year. The present drift Orkut
or any other was not fashioned those days, nor was a delusion. Everyone one could easily have down pat the contact number even without looking into their contact list. A very few used a phone book and rest could auto dial the number of their close hearts by their finger. I still remember how well she and her brother wrote the best way to keep one’s old friend in touch and the warmth
our old friend could sense when we rang them after such a long span. I was stimulated reading her piece of writing and ran to a public telephone to call my good old links. The piece was vindicated and I could experience it from the rejoinder of my friends. Read more »

An Interview Given to PEN

Posted on May 1, 2007 by arunchullikkal

One of the most coveted awards of Poornam the “Wall of Fame” has gone this month
deservedly to Joseph Antony Arun
for his innovation of creating the new online Work report system. A peek
into his profile…

He is a graduate in English Literature from St. Pauls College,
Ernakulam and has completed Post-Graduation at Vidyaniketan. Soon after his graduation he joined Poornam in 2004 as Customer Relation Executive.
Currently he manages the Billing Department of Poornam.
He loves rock music of which Bryan Adams is his Favorite. He enjoys
traveling in his two wheeler for trips preferably.
In his free time he reads novels and writes quite a bit. Blogging (www.arunz.co.nr)
is his favorite hobby now.

Tell us a bit about yourself and when you joined Poornam.

I have joined here by 4th July 2004 and been with this Big Family for about 3 years except for my 6 months of break.

Can you give us some insight into your daily routine in Poornam or a typical day at work?

Well, right now I handle the accounts receivable of over 80 clients of Poornam’s Indian and US operations. The first job is getting payment received on time. My office also includes Invoicing, Plan upgrade, Assist sales team in sign up process and at times CRE chores.

Shed some light on the Online Work report system that you developed for your team.

Hmm.. That’s a simple php application which any basic know-how can design and develop. But my aim is to ease the reporting system of CRE’s. We are supposed
to report what happens in each shift to Blessen and
Team Manager. Read more »