Life, Death and Resurrection of Bloggers at Bobcares

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Life
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I did not use the phrase My Blog those days in 2004, when I was in Poornam aka Bobcares. Jithin my colleague had set me a sub domain in his site, when I expressed my wish to establish a website. My idea was to write articles and essays which will be ready to lend a hand for the graduate and post graduate students of English Literature. I sought after them to publish over the net. Well, I was surrounded by software and computer engineers who write technical pieces. I did not have a technical back ground. All I had was my flavor to language and literature. My first article was on “Ode on Intimation of Immortality” by William Wordsworth, which was inspired by the response received to Blessens “Are your Servers Secure”. His was a purely technical article, which caters to Linux server administrators, while mine was to cater the literature students. I went on writing and improvised my web with gallery, discussion forums etc. But that was a hard post, because it required html coding. More time was used up for coding and my writing was reduced. In the interim, blog was popular, but I did not know a word about it. I followed and imitated Amar and Sojish.


Dinsan’s Things to Live About was thing to wonder for me. I shuddered at it, how he managed to build such nice site. He, then, told me about blogging, where the writer just need to concentrate on writing alone, while the theme and coding will be free and headache of the blog service provider. Nasarjan and he were on blogspot and later changed to wordpress. Well wordpress can be maintained like a website while the former is for the blog sake. I talk about the basic bloggers who know nothing much about technical and development aspect of blogs. I preferred to go for wordpress. It is then I heard of Chakky’s blog and was behind his thoughts for quiet a few. To the blog, I was less writer and more reader. I kept on reading these writers, Lijoe, Sojish, Nasra, and Dinsan. They were my contemporary bloggers at Bobcares. But today when I look at them, some is alive, some is dead, some is slept, yet some are with a single post for all their lives.

Things to Live About is the one lets down me in that sort. Dinsan was an efficient writer. He wrote about insightful things in life. In fact he wrote simple things in life to live about. I used to sing the song when I was an AICUF cadet “We shall over come one day” and its Hindi counter “Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din”. But it was with an ease and no sense of meaning. It’s a simple song that he celebrated in his blog and that put me ponderous. He wrote lot many modest and sensible things and posted some good quality interviews. However all of sudden it just vanished. When you look at his blog today you will not find much but just two posts. I hope he will come back as if came back to Orkut.

Chakky is more poetic these days. Well his language was a bit hard for me. It looked Greek to me. Firstly I was interested in his blog because I was in customer support and his former writing was fitting my position. He is more addicted to the word love. If my memory is correct, he wrote much about love in his blog. One think I noticed in his writing: when he is a poet he is poet for a long time and when he is a prose writer he is in that suit for few more days. By poet, he is an emotional writer as he is characterized. As long Chakky is there, the blog will be emotionally and informatively alive.

Nasra is back. But she is not as habitual as before. If I quote her, it’s not her writer’s block as defined. She is running out of time to print the topics surrounds her. She is a social and nostalgic writer. There is another person I should remember when I speak about her nostalgic writing. Anoop R, although he does not write much, and Nasra enjoys the same feeling as I enjoy the picture of my old village, greenery, unlimited blue sky, flow of cold water, red brick roads and so on. When they say or write about it I could easily get along with them. Nasra always tried to bridge those gone days with the brand new life. Simultaneously, her speculation falls on current affairs and politics. Hers is sleeping blog but awake every time along with the much brighter day. is an autobiography. It’s an inspirational and mind refreshing writing. In the beginning when I started launching a page for me, I wanted my site to be like of Sojish’s. Especially his black and white picture is very well-designed and I tried many of my images to imitate it. His site has much to do with his travels in the earlier days. A traveler is like a river flowing down, gets the variant fragrance and falvor of the routes it travels and finally reaches the ocean of wide knowledge and experience. is an ocean. Although he writes about his profession, my taste lies with his experiments with life. He, now, adopts the dramatic manner of prose, which spoke in live dialogues and conveys the messages most effectively.

Musings is the one that is as defined as in the former idea of blog. A blog is a web diary that logs the life. First 3 years it was very much alive although appeared one or two in a month. I thought she is going to discontinue from last October. But with some quotes and logs she is getting engaged in blogs again. Out of all the Bobcares contemporary blogs, if I judge them for the best theme, Susy’s Musings will mark the best leaving the rest far behind. Each leaves shown under each posts spoke to me as the leaves fallen from the branch you see in the title image and they are the days gone.

Blessen, you should either take a vacation exclusively for making your website as elegant as before or should be out of Bobcares strictly after 8 hours. The present look of his weblog does not reveals who he really is. Or is it the Guru Bhai’s tactics? He stands at the starting point with his five year old articles. I know he is simple and he wanted to give simplicity to his website. But, it’s my cause to argue that it needs more. His taste is Linux and for him there are many more miles to go and many more hands require his assistance. He is obliged to do it.

Finally, a self appraisal arrives. It has been serving to film music lovers for a long time, my world. I was not handling anything serious but once in twelve months. It was when Nasra told me, “she will not vote for my site” I thought of a walk back. At the same time I cannot disappoint the ones who browse for music and entertaining stuffs I have been loading. That is when yathra was born. I know, to write only in Malayalam has lots of disadvantages. Chakky’s first question when I fetch a link: “is it in English?” It is not, but regional language creates a barrier to general readers. My life in this blog appears in English and my thoughts in Malayalam, which invited me to a new world of blogging. But I can’t get out of these blogs, I read at my first days.

Hot Update: In fact a very cold one. Dinsan’s Things to Live About was never a death. The only cause is, my eyes were not wide enough to catch him in the other vest. Well as the URL itself senses, it is OFFLINE. Here is the link to his Blog Life 2.0

Discalimer: The commentory on the above said blogs are the sole views of Arun Chullikkal

  1. Sojish says:


    Thanks for writing this da.

    And again, thanks for inspiring me at different times to write . Your blogs on social and current issues makes me jealous of you. You and your blogs are a gem of its own.

    Btw, your blog inspires me to write about the history of my blog too. See you there .

    Keep writing …… keep smiling


  2. Sojish says:

    I’ll tell u a secret ……… the blue and white pic you see on my website’s header …….. the pic is not mine. 🙂

  3. chakky says:

    emotionally alive alle..:) and informative..:) It doesnt make sense to me also da.:)
    But its good to know you still try to read what I write 🙂

  4. Blessen says:

    Thanks for writing up so much about me . I will buy you
    a coffee when you come down next time.

    I will change my site. Just need some time

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