A Positive Shore

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Life
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I think I have wrote so much about Poornam, my ex employer. Still my pen is filled when I think of Poornam. If you happened to be an expatriate, you would know how each second in a holiday season is got slated. Well, I never heard that any of my colleagues or friends over here in Dubai had taken some moments to spend in their ex-company during their vacation. It does not mean that “no one has ever”. I speak from the limited world of my knowledge. Whatever, I do find some time to go there, to my dearly loved Poornam. I think I have not missed it in my last two vacations.


On your vacation, you have some prime spot to go for which you have a severe reason or emotional cause to go there.

Well, what makes me go Poornam?

If you ask this question to my wife, she would say, “Whever I go there, I get a positive energy.” She has been to Poornam on very rare occasions such as some outings or jam sessions or some parties. She is right I think, though I don’t know what feel I get. All I get is get refreshed. Well, refreshment is not that which associated to food court, lol. Here, she answers to the reason to go there, while I have no reason to go to Poornam. It’s only an emotion undefined, which makes me to take the left turn to an uphill road at sea port-air port road leading to Poornam.


That day in the morning, I rang Tobby. Well he owns a PPL team now, LOL. It was his team on crease to play the debut match in the 4th or 5th edition of Poornam Premier League. The shout behind him was of course identified, “Whats her name, whats her name, Her name is Sheena..”. Well the very shout and frenzy I could feel in the background of the call was pretty enough to call back my memoirs associated to Poornam and PPL.


I have a close emotional attachment to Poornam. In fact I wrote a few years back that Poornam is an emotion. To be frank I never felt such a closeness to any of my other employers. Does that lead to the feel of a family?  I think “Yes”. It’s like coming home when I step on the blue carpet of Poornam. It begins with a familiar smile from the security officer at the entrance. Even after a long span, he still remembers my name. Not only the security officer, but also from the bottom line, the drivers (driver chettans), supporting staffs and kitchen staffs  ( we call them chechies and chettans) to the top level core team, greet me as if I left Poornam just a shift ago.


The feel of “my home” is what I think, which makes Poornam special. Professionally, of course, there are many other reasons. But to speak on emotional board, the way it maintain the spirit branded “Poornam Family” is the one which makes a difference. The way it makes us to sit together around a table during meals and the SADYA at special occasions such as Onam is one of those uniqueness of being a family. Another thing I remember is the “VISHU KAINEETTAM” by Colonel Uncle. It’s like we get the vishu kaineettam from the eldest member of the family on every Vishu celebrations. The Iftar, the Christmas carol, the birthday celebration of each Poornamite, the Pookalam from Atham to Onam, the farewell… though these are all found in every places, Poornam adds a family spirit into them which make an exceptional feeling.

There is bridge that is built between an employee and a company. Depending upon situation the strength of the bridge can be varied on scale from a weaker mark to a stronger mark. On the meter-gauge of my bridge to Poornam, the point is always on a stronger side, even if three years have gone since I left Poornam. It’s strengthened by a moving attachment to the individuals and the company altogether. At every visit it adds more life to the bridge. This time… The laughter and light punches with Blessen Bhai, Tobbychayan, Noble, Chakky Chettan, (well missed you Sokri and Agni), casual talk with Sheena, Jisha Chechi, Savitha etc, a coffee with Georgettan and some funny memoirs… all these add life to my emotional bridge to Poornam which I could not replace with anything so far.


“This is why I said Poornam is a positive shore”. On the way down my wife commented. “See the freshness on your face”. She added.

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