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I have been behind this cause, to read Malayalam in my Samsung Galaxy having Android 2.0. I browsed over net to find some solution to this and those I found here @ J4V was slightly difficult for me to follow. On casual talk with my friend, I got the clue to use Opera Mini to resolve this problem. She was using OM in her Nokia. Well i thought I will give a try on OM. All i was doubt was if it is available in Android Market. Fortunately it was.

Now, here we go:

1. Search for Opera Mini in Android Market

2. Install it.

3. Open the browser.

4. Go to config by typing – config: – at address bar, without the hyphen. Remember that a column ‘:’ follows config.

5. Press enter or OK

6. Go to the option “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” (Mostly the last option in config)

7. Select “Yes”

8. Save it.

Now you can read Malayalam on your android.



Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, GMail and other providers are basically email services designed to provide you with email mailbox accesss directly from the web. However, going online and logging on to their sites is not always the most convenient way for reading and sending emails.



I’m not very techie, still I do some simple applications. Mostly I stuck somewhere while developing new applications, I see no further and I pray, O God, If I had the light. Am I supposed to give up there? Surely, no. The knowledge is not restricted to my brain. I search for FAQs and KBs and I’m not disappointed since the vast pool of expertise exchange the knowledge over the internet.

Bob and the Knowledge Factory, gives a beginning from the point we felt we have no more way to go. (more…)