An Interview Given on Wall of Fame Award

Posted: May 1, 2007 in Life

Wall of Fame Interview

One of the most coveted awards of Poornam the “Wall of Fame” has gone this month deservedly to Joseph Antony Arun for his innovation of creating the new online Work report system. A peek into his profile….[rockyou id=69904879&w=426&h=320]

He is a graduate in English Literature from St. Pauls College, Ernakulam and has completed Post-Graduation at Vidyaniketan. Soon after his graduation he joined Poornam in 2004 as Customer Relation Executive. Currently he manages the billing department of Poornam. He loves rock music of which Bryan Adams is his Favorite. He enjoys traveling in his two wheeler for trips preferably. In his free time he reads novels and writes quite a bit. Blogging ( is his favorite hobby now.

Following is an interview with Arun “The Innovator”

Tell us a bit about yourself and when you joined Poornam.
I have joined here by 4th July 2004 and been with this Big Family for about 3 years except for my 6 months of break.

Can you give us some insight into your daily routine in Poornam or a typical day at work?
Well, right now I handle the accounts receivable of over 80 clients of Poornam’s Indian and US operations. The first job is getting payment received on time. My office also includes Invoicing, Plan upgrade, Assist sales team in sign up process and at times CRE chores.

Shed some light on the Online Work report system that you developed for your team.
Hmm.. That’s a simple php application which any basic know-how can design and develop. But my aim is to ease the reporting system of CRE’s. We are supposed to report what happens in each shift to Blessen and Team Manager. It was really time consuming. In case they forget to send the report, they will have to re-login to the machine and take their mail.

Now this system has rectified them. In case they forget, they can send the report from anyone’s login via online report system provided they give right email address. Drop down menus and radio buttons have reduced the time consumption.

What is the most challenging part of your work and how do you go about getting it done?
Getting bills paid on time is the most challenging part. It takes a heart beat when we receive a bill. For some reasons anyone can delay the payment too. But for the service provider it is important that at any cost we should get the payment and has to take necessary actions at non payment.

We do make enough follow ups with the clients via mail, phone or chat and have to force them to pay. The most offending part is clients frustration when they receives reminders and warning notices. We do not want to make them unhappy by sending those mails. But we needed to at times.

The core team is the biggest supporting hands to handle these situations.

What drives you to give your best each day?
Poornam is not an individual, it is a team. Even though when one becomes a best tech or Wall of the fame, it has more than 2 hands behind the success, at least in my case. When there is a big team behind me, why should I wait for another drive.

Any future endeavors that you have in mind or any new area that you want to venture into?
Yes. I have a plan about my future endeavors. It would be mainly concentrated in Finance Administration. We are on the way of centralizing the billing team. I also have a plan to develop CRE team as Tier1 support.

You have grown tremendously since joining the company.How has Poornam helped you in your growth?
The first thing is the trust Poornam has in its each individual. Why Poornam gives freedom to work and grow, it trusts in us. Invoicing and Billing were never been my topics during my academic years but Poornam lets me handle one part of Finance Administration.

Again the support I get in Poornam is tremendous. Blessen was the first person who threw light on to my learning curve. When just thought of designing my own website, he was the person who taught me the lessons of html coding. There are many other who helped me. I should name them, Nasra my first hand help in Perl, Geo for his PHP lessons, Sarath K the patient teacher in MySql and Java, Miriam for her outstanding help in PHP and Mysql, Tobby and Sokri for their inspiring hands. And in the bold letters team CRE for the big support.

What do you think are the strong leadership qualities in top management(Poornam) that you have seen?
The most striking part is the friendly atmosphere, the management maintains in Poornam. Here we do not find any boss and subordinates, but friends. I could coin and add more points. But this one stands at the best in my cause.

Finally how would you encourage all the others at Poornam to get to the top and be the best?
Well. Let me quote from a concert of Bryan Adams “Never say No; Try anything Twice” and keep in mind “The Best is Yet to Be”

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