Poornam! You gave me an Unforgettable Birthday

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Life
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I had never cut a cake ever, before I joined Poornam. The only B’day we celebrated at my home of my mom. It was always coupled with Christmas since she was born on Dec 23rd. Other than that, everyone else’ birthday at my home was abridged to some kind of greetings, a kiss, and homage of a pack of candles to the parish church. Even if I had really longed to cut a cake on my birthday, have at least some people around, sing for me ‘happy birthday’, I never stipulated for it. I knew how my father was fraught to make the daily bread for us. Adding cake to his daily purchase was much more luxurious. Hence, I used to cage my wish to the last.

I think, the most beautiful day in one’s life is birthday. Although we attempt the best to cover them in absentmindedness, as the day turns up, we find ourselves in a kind of joy; although every celebration of the day is absent. Besides, if someone remembers our birthday and wishes on the day, that makes it great. These days, we don’t have to say that is my birthday, since social networking sites are so exacting about such things and keep on updating our birthdays on each others home page. Remembrance of one’s birthday and to greet each other has been easier than ever before. But when I walk down roads to my childhood and teenage, your guess should be that my mom would have been the first to greet me. That was true, but only after Diya my childhood friend, just for the simple rationale that we were born on the same day. Ever since we knew there is something immense in wishing on birthdays we’re competing with each other to make it better than the other one did. Even now, when I think of my birthday, on the left part of my heart, I remember it is her birthday too. I’m not sure if she feels the same, by the way.

Well two more people come to my memory: Bejoy and Ancy. That was a popular triangular friendship in our locality. . In those days, the people in our locality used to say that we’re not found alone unless we asleep. Rest of the time we’re together always. Even we used to decide the color code of special days and wore matching dresses. We celebrated our birthdays consecutively. It started by Bejoy’s on March 30th, followed by mine and ended up with Ancy’s on April 11th. My birthdays then were celebrated with lots of cards, fun and joy. They all remembered my birthday even without any reminders on the web. That was the greatness in it. Yet I never had birthday cake.

In 2004 I was employed to Poornam aka Bobcares. When my 23rd birthday arrived, I was in a position to buy a cake for me. Well, to tell you the truth, I was planning to celebrate it behind closed doors with no one around. I wanted to fill my wish to cut a cake on my birthday. But it is obviously out of common trend, that a birthday boy buys a cake for himself and cuts it. It was slightly embarrassing. That was why I thought to celebrate a cake birthday alone whence I would light the candle, I would blow it off, I would sing the birthday song for me, I would cut the cake and I would gift the first piece to myself. So, that was my plan. But…

A day or two ahead of my birthday, I received an email from the HRD asking for the preference-Black Forest, White Forest, and Butter Scotch etc. I don’t get enough words to state my happiness then. My heart was jumping in frenzy. The emotions overflowed my eyes and could not read the e-mail any further. Literally I was crying. Out of 23 years at least for 15 years I would have desired for a cake on my birthday. Despite of all financial crises we underwent, I could not stop my dreams on a cake and after effected pain. What is really big in it? Well, it is difficult to explain certain things in life like a cake on my birthday.

In the evening of my 23rd birthday, it was raining. Rain is my lover. In April she seldom comes. But on that she could not stop her feelings over me. She must know how big could be that day for me. I sang a song “Akale aaro paadum oru novu paattinte nerththa ragangngal orththu pokunnu njan”(I remember the light raga of a painful song sung by someone in distance). I meant that song. Then I cut the cake while many around me were singing “Happy B’day to my dear Arun”. I will not say it was “a dream came true” but “a life made”. Out of hundred things I can have to thank Poornam, this stands at the best. Thank you so much my sweet Poornam.

I know for a common man, this is not big deal. But my life is made of these small things, by which my happiness is greater. Every simple thing on my birthdays such as a call, an e-mail, a direct message, a card, a flower, an sms, a scrap, a wall message, a tie, a gift, which says “I remember you on your birthday” is great. It is in such small things great happiness in life is made.

  1. Tobby says:

    Well written, happy to read this.

  2. liji arun says:

    Gud one..

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