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Easy v/s Difficult

Posted: October 25, 2006 in Articles

Easy is to judge the mistakes of others, Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes

Easy is to talk without thinking, Difficult is to refrain the tongue

Easy is to hurt someone who loves us, Difficult is to heal the wound…

Easy is to forgive others, Difficult is to ask for forgiveness

Easy is to set rules, Difficult is to follow them… (more…)

We are more to take rather than to give. I hear at
least one in his message on Independence Day, shouts that we are not free yet or the we are not given freedom in full meaning. I read Gardiner’s essay “Rule of the Road” a few years back, which left me a quesion and repetedly, a reverse thought on consuming than delivering freedom. “A stout old lady was walking with her basket down the middle of a (more…)

We shall pass this way; but once

Posted: July 27, 2006 in Life

I was on outing with my family, we get into a church to rest in the afternoon. As i was hanging out in the graveyard, I found this epitaph on grave.

“We shall pass this way

but once

All the good that can be done

do it now

For we shall not pass this way



They arrested my thoughts. But still I procastianate. I think I need to write this up on my epitaph. It would help another hang out

EndoSulfan and VS

Posted: July 22, 2006 in Articles

VS, he was heading into anything when he was the opposition leader, and one such ocassion was preys Endosalfan in the Dist of Kasaragode. Seems, like it was dramma when I find him silent in the cabinet as the Hon. Minister of Agriculture was boasting with the report submitted by the Dept of Agriculture that there was no death caused by Endosalafan in north part of Kerala. I wondered how could VS be silent then. Or that would be a political silence, to underline that the ways to power to be cleansed by the sweat blood and tears of the poor and weak. When you reach the hieghest, who need them again.

Sakhave, It will add stains in your white khadhar, I would suggest you to save yourself from being the CM and go and sit with the opposition team. We the poeple would request UDF to make u as the leader of the team. You are great when you were the opposition leader


Posted: July 20, 2006 in Poetry

There are things in life that are ineviatable. I’m powerless to control them. The sun will rise and set, the tide will come in and go out, the seasons will change, and the birds will fly South for the winter and return in the spring.It’s hard to live without thee, Love.

My life would be empty of all inspiration. There will be no work of art for me to gaze at; no person of greatness before me to look upon; no timeless melody to listen to. My life will exists in shades of grey instead of vibrant colors, I will be less than whole.

In the past proper words have escaped me, and my inner most feelings have been kept locked away in the depths of my heart. But no more they could be. I would shout them out…my undying love!!!