DAM 999My original consideration to DAM 999 was whence the bone of contention between Padma Shree Thilakan and the Movie Actors Association AMMA was on its highest crest. The notable portion was the claim of the veteran actor Thilakan to be an Oscar nominee. It put a stopping by DAM 999 a while, although at nuke and corners of the news lines, I see the entry of the vernacular artists to the Hollywood. Even the news of Ouseppachan to tune for a Hollywood project wasn’t a matter of surprise. Most those news other than Slumdog has disappointed before. Hence, DAM 999 was of no interest to me. To my plus the co-operation of the Aishwarya Bacchan later came as failure notice it thought to me a mere marketing stuff.

Subsequent  to the contra of Thilakan, DAM put a flash again while I was covering Dubai, on a client visit. Although I did not go to the location I got updated that the mass at the Drydocks was of the crews of a movie. “What’s happening there?” “Well, that’s Hollywood film unit?” “Wew!!! Starring?”. I’m a follower to Hollywood. “ I donno. It’s some DAM 999”, he replied. I was astonished. I thought by local movies which is always on boast to be the Hollywood, would be a movie in MTI English and there’s nothing better. It’s my feelings, although.

DAM then put an interest in me to go much ado with the project. As I read from the web, it’s the first Hollywood movie from mariners. Popular ‘Water World’ (1995) of course the story of a mariner, but Kevin Costner and Kevin Reynolds were not mariners. So what? Yes the director of DAM Sohan Roy is a mariner. Hence the claim, first movie from mariners. The story is said in the background of the lives of mariners depicting a collapsing dam with the vividness of the Indian tradition and the manifestation of Nava Rasa (Nine Emotions) by the lead characters. Other than this I do not find anything about its synopsis. It could be a Christopher Nolan game by Sohan Roy. Nolan always makes something to keep the suspense and secrecy of the thread he is working on. Inception by Nolan is the recent example. If that is right, my personal feeling is that being a debut director Roy has to market the suspense too.LOL!!!

While the final update is that the movie would hit the screen after its climax shot in Hyderabad, India. Well on the screen, I expect something. First thing is it’s thread. I did not hear any other story on a collapsing dam backed by a mariners life. It’s again said with nine emotions. Well, it’s right that a common movie covers all these emotions. Yet a Hollywood movie explicitly speaks of Navarasa is first of its breed, I think. It seems a fresh thread. Second thing is: It’s in the back ground of mariners life. As the director is of same profile, I hope this would make a ‘feel the difference’ as we have seen in the movie ‘Keerti Chakra’ said in the scenario of soldiers life by Major Ravi. Finally the entry of the blessed artists from India to the Hollywood. If DAM marks a page in Hollywood it would be a reason to be proud of for Indian as well as Kerala film industry.  I’m not sure if the notion of Oscar by Thilakan is an emotional outburst or not. Instead let me hope that comes a joyous day break which happens on some day and we are on the Oscar red carpet.

  1. Rocha says:

    Good one. Feels to watch it. Thank you and all the best.

  2. Vijaya says:


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