3 Dhs Tie

Posted: February 16, 2009 in Life

A few months back, I stopped blogging here. A week ago, I got a call from my old friend Job, asking a big WHY to my exit from blog. I asked him to read the previous entry, but he was not convinced. “ http://www.yathra.co.nr caters to the politics and socialist views. It does not speak of you.” This was his argument. Well, I promised him, I will give a try. But it took a week. These days, I get no where to start. Poornam’s gossip blog Puraanam has some threads started by me and reached a blank space. I think it’s because I may need a few more days to adapt myself to the life in Dubai. Job, I write this, because I promised you.

Formals wear was always a tough job for me. At my previous office it was smart casuals and was perfect code for me. In DMG, things are different. On the very first day I was caught for wearing no tie. 5 days in week, I gotta wear a tie. It sounded sick for me. What to do, I had to abide. To my wretchedness, my wallet was running out of fund, or I can say it has merely currency to live the least. The idea to buy ties cost my bread. Besides, salary was not hit. Well, I believe in angels, who can turn the right for me. Haroon, my trainer could easily vest in angel’s suit. 3 dhs tie was inconceivable in Dubai. I think in India, we need to pay at least Rs.150 to get a cheap one (I have not tried any while I was in India).

Being in such an expensive emirate like Dubai, AED 3 ka tie meant a heaven to me. Haroon, where did you get that news? If you have found it by yourself, you must consider my request to get in politics. You will much better handle the Railways in India, that that could be done by Lalu. Well, I bought 5 to cater the present scene. Trust me Job, it will not look like a cheap one, rather you will pay not less than AED 20 each for my late collection. Life in Dubai is not costly always. LOL.

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