Posted: October 18, 2008 in Life

When I started blogging my intention was just to build up my visibility. I was expressing my views and comments. All of a sudden it vested the coat of commercial blogging. I was traveling away from personal blog. Everything I felt interesting was came into my blog. Dinsan was my blog guru. He took me to wordpress, and there born my first blog. Earlier days, Dinsan, Nasra, Kishore, Sojish and Chakky were my models. I read their blogs on everyday basis. I could say, I used to get some threads reading their blogs.

It started with the Lyrics from the Movie Classmates, the way out from personal blogging. I was followed by Vipindas, Nevil and Farshad, the way of commercializing. For us, commerce means not money, but the google page rank, alexa site rank and blog stats. We competed to increase the rank. Vipin and I were into lyrics and music, while Nevil put his head into ARR music, games and mobiles. Farshad was addicted to ARR. A few other bloggers opened their account and closed them immediately, like Kind John, Wallanz. They disappeared soon. Well, this is not the story. I’m retiring from this blog. At least for the time being.

Oru Yaathra is my new blog. I can call it a blog now. The contents are made in my box alone. My thoughts and comments only have the place there. The stats, readings, ranks do not kick my head. Just keep writing what I feel.

  1. i want information from this side

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