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Movie Name : Al Risalah
Year : 2008
Music Director: A R Rahman, Liyakar Ajmeri, Raj Verma
Producer: Yamshi Ahmed, Saad Ahmed
Director: Mustapha Akkad
Lyrics: Hazrat Khaja Sayeed Sha Ameenulla Hussainy R A, Abid Imtiyaz, Syed Ahmed
Singers: A R Rahman, Mohd Salamat

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01 – Marhaba Mustapha
02 – Ya Rasoole Khuda
03 – Kaun Hain Aap
04 – Habib Ullah
05 – Keh Rahi Hai Meri Saans
06 – Nabiyun Ke Nabi
07 – Story Of Islam & Teachings Of Prophet

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  1. faiz says:

    thanks for al risalah songs download.

  2. Noush says:

    thanks man ..great !

  3. fayyazka says:

    Deep real breathtaking voice of Rahman, I SALUTE HIM

  4. MB says:

    Not enough space to write about Rehman………he is too good

  5. kasen novak says:

    thanks for al risalah songs – kasen

  6. Idris Khan says:

    Thanks a lot for the Al _Risalah songs….

  7. Raja says:

    Al Risalah I love t Ar Rahuman Songs All

    My Name Kaniraja

    From USA

  8. teemah says:

    Well, i dont find it roght for him to sing such songs!!!
    he should think twice before using the name of Allah and our dear prophet(SAW) before he adds so much music to it…

  9. Shan-e-Mohammad says:

    the song brings a sense of pride in me for being a muslim.
    thanks to rehman for such a solful voice.
    it is till now the best creation of rehman

  10. Naaz Ahmed says:

    Lovely songs….with deep meaning! Really nice to hear.

  11. ZUKRAF says:

    keep going with your work

  12. arshad khan says:

    wonderful naath sung by u

  13. Taf says:


  14. Akbar ali says:

    thank u. rahman sir u r the best composer of the world. insah allaha aap ko asa hi apna kam imandari sa karta raha

  15. saleem says:

    thank u never before never again songs like this thank u i wish lots of good songs from rehman sir all the best insha allah will help u in doing best

  16. saleem says:

    thank u never before never again songs like this thank u i wish lots of good songs from rehman sir all the best insha allah will help u in doing best

  17. Khalil Balsing says:

    Hey Brother,

    Thanks a lot i was looking for these Naat for a longer time….

    Thanks a ton

  18. mohammed tanzeem says:

    thanks for al risalah songs very very much

  19. sheik says:

    Is there a english version of these songs?

  20. shahid says:

    thanks 4 the songs i really love ur songs

  21. md jainul says:

    Hi friend..i want to download…the song of Al Risalah…so kindly help me..by gvin link to download…thankin u…

  22. ABU says:


    whoever it so provided this site, Thank a ton !
    RAHMAN you are really a legend………!
    you are really rocking……..!

  23. imran azam khan says:

    m a great found of rehman’s music & his songs like

  24. imran azam khan says:

    i just want to dounload Al Risalah songs

  25. Aasif says:

    thanx da macha

  26. basha shaik says:

    thxs 4 the music of ar rahaman

  27. basha shaik says:

    i need this type of songs rahaman giveme another album plzzz

  28. Abdul says:

    A beautiful niche in your lovely career! A.R Rahman is simply superb!! No words to express!!

  29. basha shaik says:

    thxs we r expecting some more songs like this thank u very much

  30. Abdul wagiht says:

    it is great for me to download it

  31. mohammad ashraf says:

    thanx dear i like it ar rahmaan song

    as a islamik song he is great parson ar rahman

    he is realy muslim parson

  32. najeeb khan says:

    mashaallah very nice naats

  33. atul chaubey says:

    thank u rahman sir i love each n every song of urs u r d best

  34. atul chaubey says:

    thank you rahman sir

  35. imran says:

    its vry nyc 2 download ur songs,spcly MARHABA YA-MUSTAFA songs frm AL-RISHALAH mke to run ruhani zikr…………..

  36. arshad says:

    thanx alot for this collection as i was in search for it from many days to download

  37. nazer says:

    Great!!!!! Keep It Up…..

  38. nazer says:


  39. Jose says:

    I’m a christian, yet I treasure this song – Al Risalah.

    Kudos to ARR!

  40. gouse mohinudden says:

    hazrath khaja sayeed sha ameenulla hussainy

  41. gouse mohinuddin says:

    hazrath khaja sayeed sha ameenulla hussainy
    tanha hame kabhi hone mat dena, is kadar gam me rone mat dena,
    har ahat par mera sath dena, bhale na mile zindagi bhar sath tera,
    par jo bhi pal abi mila hai us pal me hame zindagi
    bhar ki khusiya dena, ameen

  42. sainudheen says:


  43. riyas says:

    thank u ar for giving great songs

  44. riyas says:

    sweeter to hear rahman sir’s voice

  45. moin ansari says:

    thankx 4 this songs brother rehman

  46. Rameez Guzar says:

    Thanks for this site for Al Risalah songs.

  47. fayaz says:

    thanks to Allah Rekkah Rahman…….

  48. zeenat says:

    Thanks for Al Risalah songs”

  49. Shamim Khan says:

    I want to download a song of AL RISALAH please give me a site to download.

  50. shahanwaj says:

    marhaba mustafa song i like it .

  51. afzal says:

    great song by a.r rahman….his voice is too good….ill pray for him…he rocks…..al-risalah

  52. Nausheen says:

    A.R. RAHMAN is a great musician………… MAY GOD BLESS HIM!!!!!!!! nd v get to listen more of him.

  53. irfan khan says:

    great,thank you very much

  54. selmanul faris says:

    Ya rassoole khuda…. its wonder full , thanks

  55. Aanam says:

    is really d best song its having a gud purity
    nd true feelings dedicated by A.R. RAHMAN

  56. SADHIQ says:


  57. pasha says:

    thank you

  58. RAMS says:

    A.R. Rahman is Musical god. MARHABA YA MUSTAFA songs is very good feelings songs

  59. shaffras says:

    Super song! Marhaba ya Mustafa . Thanks

  60. AMIR KHAN says:

    i love this naat and i feel the isalm

  61. kashifosman says:

    marhaba ya mustafa sallahu alaihi wasallam….

  62. Salim punalur says:

    There is no one instead of him..like our god.. Rahman is the god of music..king of musician.. Great..realy great

  63. MD.aftab alam says:

    thnx fr dis mp3

  64. Shoaib Ahamad says:


  65. Riyaz ahmed says:

    Great work ar.rahman bhai.keep doing such songs..god bless all..god is great.

  66. sabira says:

    reallllly.. thanxs man…

  67. Md. Jawed says:

    Mai apke site se bahut khush hu, kafi search k baad yha mila. I love AL RISALA song. Great musician AR RAHMAN.

  68. my best song ever in my hole life

  69. masoodataj says:

    thank u so much ar rahman………

  70. A very good album. Thanks for sharing..

  71. fasalul rahman says:

    AR Rahman is one of the great person in musical world,i wish him all success in his future……..

  72. fasalul rahman says:

    thank you for production of such a great songs…………..

  73. sikander says:

    thanks men great job

  74. sikander says:

    love u for Al Risalah song



  76. shadab ali khan says:

    i love all songs of Al risalah.. thanx man

  77. RIJIVANULLAH.M says:

    real good voice

  78. saydu says:

    i love u

  79. Sadiq khan says:

    Rehman sir u r legend nd u r king of music i loven it

  80. Mubashir says:

    thanks for this great sight

  81. abdul wasid says:

    thank a.r sir

  82. abdul wasid says:

    for the sweet song al risala

  83. Saiyyad ekrar says:

    Arse se dhund rha tha. Risala songs. Specialy marhaba musthfa , bohot bohot shukriya

  84. Qaisar says:

    Would you please provide me the Qawwali “Allah Janta Hai Mohammad Ka Martaba” 30 min full Mp3.

  85. One Piece says:

    thanks you for soundtrack .. baraka allaho fik ❤
    i like it 🙂

  86. jasim says:

    i love you rahmanika

  87. shoaib ahmad says:

    i love dis song very much.

  88. Noushad says:

    Awesome songs

  89. Irshad says:

    rahman sir song s too good ,but u should sing song without music as u know music is banned in ISLAM and we r prohibited to music.

  90. tanveer says:

    masha allah kitni khubsurat awaz hy apki ….

  91. Sikandar says:

    Wow gret sir ar

  92. SHAKEER says:


  93. Shadique says:

    nice sir . i expect more song like this album

  94. Shafi Ahmed says:

    very nice album it outstanding

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