Idea Star Singer Blacks to Worst

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Articles
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I’m stunned to see the elimination of Varun J Thilak and Nithin and Varun’s disappearance for no reason is simply dramatic. Sanni is there because he has the votes popular support. But it’s so crazy to see Vijay and Hesham on the stage, while Nithin is out. I was a big fan of Idea star singer and I have written good about the program in my previous blogs. But certain things like the elimination of good singers, ranking by the judges, and the worst prolonged episodes makes feel that Idea Star Singer is just a cheat show. The reality has been taken away. I got a mail from one of my friends. I think it worths posting here.


This is for all the viewers of the most controversial program of Asianet known as Idea Star Singer
Most of you might have thinking what is really happening in ISS? Always good singers are getting eliminated and the worst ever singer like …. Hesham, Vani, Sanni and the ever worst nasal singer VIJAY are safe always…
It’s a real facts that 3 out of these contestants are very much related to Asianet and the last one Sanni is there just as the voting machine of ISS.
New Elimination :VARUN, NITHN

For saving some of the favourite contestants ISS started ranking system-first 5 members in each round will not get eliminated even they don’t have any sms!!!You can see that VIJAY is the number 1…what a stupid judgment..
Let us take the example of Vijay. As all of u know that he don’t have any sound clarity, but judges always praise him for his”good voice”..real drama starts here. Many of you may not aware about the relations between Vijay and Asianet. His own sister is an anchor of Asianet. Also his cousin sister is an anchor in Asianet plus. They got some good influence in ISS crews and producers. The same producer of ISS produced some programs which were anchored by his sister.
Another one is the dramatically elimination of the viewers favourite contestant VARUN J THILAK..All may be aware that he is the ultimate singer in ISS. But by playing a cheap drama he also got eliminated yesterday…what a stupid action..
Another one was the elimination of Krishnajith.even K.S.Chithra raised voice against his elimination. He was not in the list till the previous day of shooting. On the shooting day our great MG changed the list with the help pf sarath and eliminated Krishnajith.

Also, very good singers like sudarsan, murali ramanadhan, etc.., are already out of hte competetion and the ultimate winner will be Asianet only, the benefit they get from SMS and sponsors, so stop sending SMS and stop advertising in this program, coz people how know the backstage hate this program now.

In an interview our ever favorite K.J.Yesudas mentioned that ” I don’t know why asianet is taking more than a year to find the good singer-why they are stretching like this?”
By seeing all these dramas now the support of Asianet and ISS is rocketing downwards.They were getting about 40,000 sms votes before these dramas came out. But now they are getting about 15,000 sms votes onl.So dear friends please don’t support ISS in any forms…Let us pledge that we wont sent any more sms to ISS and Asianet..
Please forward this mail to all your friends to raise our voice. let us show that Malayalees are not fools…

dear friends,
reason why varun quit the show………

once during a shooting renjini asked varun ‘orupadu girl friends kanumalllo’ ennnu…varun replied tellling no…..our MG gave a commment…”achante monallle illathirikkumo’ ennu……unfortunately varuns parents were there…his mom started crying there…they stoppped the shooting and continued….later in the green rooom sharath made a sarcastic laugh and told Mg ‘MG annna athenikku ishtapetttu….ennu… alll others including renjini started laughing…..varun retaliated tellling ‘enikku ottum ishtappettilla…if u have to tell me something tell at me…don drag my parents in between ‘…ennnu…..

so there starts the story…..after that incident varun was humiliated sooo much…….

the poooja of the movie “star singer’ was conducted…all famous people were there….viji thampi,6 music directors,suresh gopi all 10 contestants who were part of that movie and also the parents…..sureshgopi told varun ‘varunte shabdham enikku nallla ishtam…nallla consistency ullla voice’ ennu…..sharath paranju ‘ athey nalla consistency pakshe oru improvementum illla’ ennu in front of alll………..he didnt realise he is killing the chances for varun….

didi knew alll this toook varun to sharath and they talked…sharath told ‘enikkonnumariyillla’ ennnu……….that happened the day before the shooting of his song where everybody enquired about the mood of him……he was crying the whole day before shooting……

and day before yesterday the day before elimination…….all the 14 contestants were asked to sign a contract…it says that 14 of them wiillll not sign any movie,TV or stage shows tilll 1 year on completion of ISS…ie apprx 1 1/2 yrs from now…..many protested….but ellavareyum avar sign iduipichu……people like roshan and nithin were hesitant….but lastly they signed…also vani n tushar….any way somehow they were made to sign….varun told me ‘chetta…enne ee roudil illenkil adutha elims il theerchayittum thattum….why shuld i sign such a thing and wait for 1 1/2 yrs’ ennu…………

Another one

Varun is not eliminated from the show!!!!!!he himself quit the ISS….this is what happened….

News from the true source…varun”s own father…..SBT Manager of Parippally branch…

As usual…he went for the elimination round…

he got the most SMS…So he cannot be eliminatd…

So ISS got a new idea to eliminate him!!!

What is that?

ISS asked all the 14 contestant…whether they are INN or OUT to sign an agreement for 18 months that they won’t sing in any other channels,albums,film songs…etc…

varun called his father for opinion…..

father advised him…any way you will be out in the next round….then why you want to stick on again in asianet…?

so varun just went out….

now today i know they will show like that Varun was not presented for the show…so they are forced to eliminate HIM!!!!

What a fantastic IDEA!!!



I no longer stay tuned to Asianet from 8.30 pm – 9.30 pm

  1. Hate Idea says:

    I have a friend in Asianet. The shooting is almost over. The winner has been decided. All the SMS are just a time pass and a simple show biz. The judges are the worst . if you carefully understand the comments, there are a lot of gaps. The anchor is just the worst. Just glamour. A waste of time .I pity all who watch this show.

  2. Sushil says:

    These are common stories in all reality shows. I am so sorry for Varun… he is an excellent singer and has shown his caliber as well.. He was a victim and needs to come out of all those… I wish him to see as a good performer in coming days…. All the best VARUN.

  3. Nebu says:

    I’m residing in Dubai and we too hve the same comments from my side and all our friends circle and the colleagues of my jobplace. The program is ridiculous and the judgment is worse. Al are aware of the ugly dramas happening in rthe background and hate to see the program. Vijay has no chance to be come first as we all are supporting the game played to make him first. Its highly ashamed to be a reality show come to such a pathetic stage. Really pitty upon this show……………….No words to express all of our anger towards this F____G Show

  4. soby says:

    Idea star singer…..its the channels idea to make all malayalees fool.dear friends keep this in mind— no body runs a business for charity.its their marketing strategy to strech this stupid program to get more money.they dont care about who is the real and true singer.i really feel sorry about varun….but to be honest he is a smart guy.he did the right thing.if i was there in his shoe i would told those two sarcastic morons on this earth sarath and mg freekumar to bend down and look upwards and try to screw themselves. they think they are really something on this earth. idiot doesnt even know they live in india and hindi is our main language.this is all a game friends…..the same happens when election comes.we once again start supporting the idiotic my dear friend kerala is not a country…..its just tiny little part of a very large country.and the world has gone far ahead where yu cant even imagine….so stop wasting time on this and do something for yourself..get out of it.varun has got a great doubt about it.


  5. Shiji says:

    I thank you !

  6. I have been serching this msg for Varun says:


    Varun was the only singer who deserved WIN.

    I have been watching ISS form past 3 months and now I know how disgraceful and disgusting is MG and Sarath. MG as a singer is a Joke and to top it all Sarath is the Joke of the human civilisation. STOP this ISS 2007 nw we are in 2008.

    Really big AH are these ISS and MG and Sarath team.

    Usha Uthup must walk out from ths show.


  7. Akhila vijayakumar says:

    Hiiiiiiiii dear frnds,
    My opinion is that this prgm is really spoiling the original singing skills of contestants.They r exploiting the skills of singers for their business benifits.They r really gng against their proffessional ethics.
    In my opinion eliminated singers like Varun,Nithin etc are far better than the competing ones now.But it is really ridiculous to a channel like Asianet to behave in this way and dear frnds it will be good if u keep away fron ISS atleast after reading these comments.


  8. Sheela says:

    A couple of questions!! Isn’t this 2008 already? Why then is it still called IDEA STAR SINGER 2007?? Why has it been dragged on for faaaaaaar tooooooo looooooong!? Although Varun has been eliminated, I’m sure we’ll see more of him. He has been really good and there are many who have seen what he is really capable of. There must be some credit for Najim as well. He has been great too!


  9. Kailas Senan says:

    Whoever watching Asianet Idea Singer are fool. Get lost everyone in ISS by making such agonies.
    Kailas Senan

  10. Jacob says:

    Well seeing all above comments, i feel soby’s comment above seems to be far below a culture level the editor or owner of this site would have expected. anger is there in everyone.. on Varun’s elimination and Vijay’s continuation.. but not be abusive on public . well totlay agree to the comment that Sarreth is a total joke on human race and so a bit is MG annan.. who is good for singing and not for judging. Ranjini a posh lady should be anchoring some other show and not a malayalam reality show with this poor malayalam accent ( though done in purpose..coz i know her from college days) Usha Uhtup is too good to be one in that panel.. as our great KJ said, isnt it high time you selected the best singer of 2007 … since may 2007 they have been hunting.. everything is just commercial ..

  11. @Jacob

    Thank you Jacob. I do not allow abusiveness here. I accidentally missed his comment. thanks again.


  12. Actors, Movies, and Songs says:

    great blog

  13. John says:

    I am really pitty on this show. yes, this is only a show!!
    the judges are third rates. mg is the very worst singer in malayalam film industry and their loby is not allowing any good singers to come in the industry. They are not selecting the star singer but the star vote collecter! what a pathetic situation, the real music lovers never forgive such a drama.

  14. deejay says:

    Idea star singer 2007, just making all audience “BIG FOOLS”

    after the first round of singing in the mega finals, result came like arun gopan in the first, then durga, then thushar, and lastly najim.

    this was a pre-planned result to get more votes to Arun (remember money goes to the conductors)

    In the first round durga and najim had a difference of 4 marks. But in second round najim got 162 and durga 151.
    that means najim was 13 marks (4+9) ahead of durga.
    Can anybody agree with this mark difference of 14 in the second round. Durga was so much bad in her singing in second round ?
    Actually Balamuralikrishna was stubbed at her performance in the second round that he happened to have a drop of tears came in his eyes when she was on her percussions. Did anybody noticed that?

    I am not telling that najim was bad, but why asianet is making audience a fool? In first round result they made us a fool by bringing Arun in first place.
    In second round they made us fool by giving Najim 14 marks more than Durga.

  15. deejay says:

    Judges like sarath and MG are paid on an hourly basis. So they are just playing what the director is asked to do. There is a seperate marketing section for deviating the marketing strategy day by day. Scores and SMS rating is decided by them. Good examples are ARUN and WILLIAM. Sanni was having that much popularity -means vote bank, so they kept them as much as they can. Once Thushar told us that this is like a game. Producer will decide ultimately. Amrutha was always supported by MG, because of her fmly attachment towards MG. But onething which is a plus point is that all these young talents got a stage to develop their skill and got popularity. So we can forget about the judgemnt failures in this programe just because of that.

  16. Renjith says:

    But it is must to have a judge like sarath in ISS, bcz he is a good musician. Ranjini’s anchoring is comparitively good for such reality shows.

    But where is MG [ISS 2008] ????

  17. Minnu says:

    This is just stories made- up. ISS is an amazing reality show. You should gossip and make rumors becuse you are jealous about their success.

    Moreover how would you know all the story in this detail. From that we knew that this is just a story.



  18. Minnu says:

    You shoudnt gossip about ISS.
    Horrible story.

  19. Orion Sugathapalan says:

    Idea Start Singer program was turning out to be great. But it was too good to be true. Renjini had to show off herself to sex crazed arabs publicly, on video ( Take a look at — >> ). Is this allowed in God’s own country?

    They had to entertain sidelined extras and jaded/faded actresses past their peak times ignorant of music, to sit as judges, while Sharath sits with them and smirks at everyone.

    How academic!!!

  20. Nathan says:

    Idea Star Mathematician
    Now an appeal to Asia net. Why don’t you start some quiz show other programmed other than finding singer? Can Kerala expect, Idea Star Mathematician, Idea Star Computer Expert, Idea Star G.K Master or Idea Star Communicator? How many singers do we require every year? Every 3rd youth in state is some sort of singer.
    It seems these are the slogans of Kerala Youth
    Etha Varunnu Etha Varunnu
    Kerla Yuva Janatha Etha Varunnu
    Pattu Padiym Nritham Chaithum
    Mimicri Parajum Komady Kattiyum
    Kerala Youthans Etha Varunnu
    Vere Onnum Namukku Venda
    Pattum Kuthum Mathram Mathi
    Nokki Resichum Kettu Resochum
    Nammal Vidunnu SMS Kuthira
    IAS Namkukku Venda
    IPS Vende Venda
    Quizum Venda, Matsum Venda
    Pattu Padi Kittiya Villa Mathi

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