I salute them, Rithwik and Sanni, the Real Star Singers

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Articles
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There are four kinds of people in this world

Those who are able to live, and live on their abilities
Those who are able, but live on others abilities
Those who are disabled and live on their disabilities
Those who are disabled and find out their abilities, live on with them

The image “https://i2.wp.com/www.ideastarsinger.asianetglobal.com/admin/contestents/ritvin1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Rithwik and Sanni teaches better than any other positive thinker with their lives. The blindness should have felt ashame to accompany Rithwik. The light he throws over millions of desperate hearts is that of the light given by Braille, Helen Keller and Beethoven. So, is his mother. She will be given a thrown in the world next. She is the light for him. She is a mother in true sense. Just like the celebrity guest in the previous episode of Idea Star Singer comments” Every one should have mother like Rithwik has”. If he is just a lot in the disables, I would not have taken lessons from him. But he competes with a capable stream.The image “https://i2.wp.com/www.ideastarsinger.asianetglobal.com/admin/contestents/sannidanandan.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Sannidahanthan. His voice is supposed to be the blessing of their goddess. I’m not sure about the real story, but he must have been dump or felt difficulty to talk in his early life. It is their prayer won his voice. And now this voice thrills the world. What I see the best in Sanni is his humbleness in greatness, and that wins him the popular support.

They may or may not win the flat worth 40 Lakh, but they have won the life, which everyone can’t. They are the real Star Singers. Their life can’t be eaqualed with 1000s of motivating articles, nor speeches. I salute them with the best respect I have.


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  1. This is a really great post..

    I too salute them, Rithwik and Sanni, the Real Star Singers..

    In yesterdays star singer program, the only contestant i saw was Rithvik and his song touched me very deeply. I felt proud of his mother. As you have said his mother is his light, if she wasn’t there maybe we could never see Rithvik in stage for such a reality show.

    My prayers for both Rithivik and his mother!!!

  2. nisha says:

    sanni-the voice of lord aiyappa of sannithanam
    may god bless him

  3. noel &family says:

    sanni and ritviwik great singers .bless them for good future

  4. noel &family says:

    i really enjoying the real star singers

  5. Saliha Abdulkader.c.v says:

    i really love both of Rwithwik &Sanni dearly.

  6. amulya says:

    Sanni disgusting

    I would like to share my neighbour aunty’s experience which happened in singapore few weeks back when Sanni & other singers performed for a malayali association.

    When sanni landed in singapore he expressed his wish to visit the famous Ayyappa temple in sg. The organisers (including the aunty) were happy to accompany him to the temple because he was (not ‘is’) their favorite singer in Idea star singer 2007. The same aunty expressed her dislike when Ganeshkumar made some comments in one episode about Sanni.(like he is ‘ahankari’…).

    But to their dismay the behaviour of sanni was disgusting. Two aunties and one uncle accompanied him to the temple. They were very happy to see and talk to their favorite singer. But sanni sat in the car like he has just dropped from the sky without talking a single word to the people accompanying him. He could have atleast smiled to those poor people. In the end same happened in the temple. The preist at temple also delighted to see the singers from kerala. Especially he mentioned that Sanni is from his hometown and did special pooja for him. The sanni didn’t ask a single word to the preist also. Who do he think he is ?

    As we all know he reached the last stages not because he is a good singer. But just because of sympathy people vote for him.Thinking that he is a poor guy coming from a poor family. But hearing this experience i feel like” Alpanu Aishwaryam Kittiyathu Pole”

    Back in the hotel. Mr G venugopal was so nice to those aunties and all others. Though he is a great singer he know how to behave to people.The proverb is really true “Nirakudam Thulumbilla”

    When I ask the auty about the show her reply was like ” The show was good, but Sanni’s “jaada’ was unbearable.

  7. dileep says:


    vote for the asianet star singersS!!!

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