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Posted: October 21, 2007 in Articles
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Recognition is all about investing in future. To which realm it relates to, it always created more productivity in future. My experiment with recognition is less than my experience with the same. Well, I have received more that I have given. Let me quote some of them.

1.My first work place and first reward:

Well, I remember this even after 10 years. I had to take up the burden of my family while I was on my second year of pre-university studies. My dad met with an accident at his work place and he had to take bed rest for at least for 1 year. Well, DTDC Courrier was my first job provider, I joined there as a delivery executive. Naturally I have to give a semi column to my studies.

There was no job given to delivery boys other than just handing over the letters and parcels to the sendee and collect the acknowledgment to send back to the sender. I thought a step up and my franchisee manager was open to innovation. We had some client who we deliver mails but they do not use us for sending. My idea was to create a data base of the same and covert them to our loyal client. From my restrictions as delivery boy, I have canvased them to have some sales, but I was a failure at first, since I’m new comer. But slowly it worked, We got some once in a week senders. My boss was very happy.

Well on my first Onam, he gave me a bonus of 50 % of my salary and incentive of 10 % of all the sales I made. An important thing to be noticed: I had just comepleted 3 months there. This was a boost to me. I put more effort and the result was we got some big shots like Camelin (School Stationary), Stic (Pen), Ranbaxy (Medicine), Eagle (Suitcase), Esso (Petrolium), and Servo (Engine Oil). They were sending consignment on daily basis and at huge numbers. Both Company and I started to earn. I was earning more than my salary in my incentives. I worked with them till next one year. When my Dad got well, I had to go back to my studies and had to leave them. Still I keep a good relationship with my Boss.

2. I Pushed her without her Knowledge and She did a Nice Job

Although this is not related to a business, since this was matter of success after recognition, I thought to post it. Sreeja was out a below average team in our degree class. During the first 2 semesters she was nowhere in the performance map. But I used to ask her to sing song on every occasion as she got some good voice. That was the only reason made us to feel her presence.

It was in the third semester, our college implemented tutorial system. So in order to find the strength and weakness of the class, tutor asked me to prepare a report for him with the previous performance of each individual. While creating report I was shocked to see the result of Sreeja, she got more than 70% in her previous public exams. But now she is just the shadow of the same. The reason was clear to me, since we had educational psychology as one of our subject. Its called Solar effect, where other stars are not seen during the day because of the Sun. There were a bunch of students who have been already recognized as the brilliant team. Sreeja was actually lacked the initial pull and although she had the fuel in her she was not performed since she was not noticed in the crowd.

I think I had a quality of taking people to the light that time. Although I knew the answer, I started to go her side to ask some doubts. I started asking her class notes for reference. This was actually a passive effort from my end to make her feel that she could do something in the class and she is important. Slowly I started speak of her notes and the way she clear the doubts among my friends in her presence. The feeling that she is been attended, made good result. British history was the toughest subject we ever met in our syllabus. She got the highest mark in the class test. We all clapped at her achievement. After that I had nothing to do. Because she became one of the brilliant students in our class.

3.St. Paul’s is My Favorite College I ever Liked

Why? Because here I was recognized.

When I joined this college, I thought I would not make better result than my pre-degree (40%)because on the first day at college, most of my class mates laughed at my result. All of us where asked to write an article about the first day in college. I wrote it, but not very badly. The other day our Class teacher asked me to meet him. He invited me to the college canteen. He bought me a tea. He told “ Arun, we are just 2 year old dept, but we got 2 ranks in the last 2 years and we defended kalaparthibha and kalathilaka pattam last year. I expect you to win more for us.” I wondered at these Herculean assignments. But I was happy at the following reasons

1.He called me up my name
2.He called me up personally at the second day of my class
3.He bought me a cup of tea
4.He discus with me about the dept
5.He said he expects me to win

These are some silly reason at one point. But recognition, how small it may be, have a big impact. And I could better my result to 79 % at the end of my studies, in the meantime, could win Kala prathiba 2 times, and win at many intercollegiate event. During social, he called me up again, and over a cup of tea he said “ Arun, I did knew that you will make them. I said those things by reading your article about your first day in life. My intention was just to let you know that there is nothing wrong with the present result.” But for me his recognition was the fuel to go for big.

4.No Recognition No Long Term Relationship

This was actually a bad experience in my career so I do not want to name the Employer, well let me name them as X. X was my second employer. They were in to Overseas Placement. I was managing placement programmes and the first level screening. X has been 1 year old in the industry. There were 4 employees other than me. All of them were very new to work space. I thought they should need some training and MD had given. I customized the syllabus I studied for Call Center Management Training that it would fit the requirements of present firm and arranged a time schedule for training which would not hinder the usual office chores.

After the first two classes attendees were happy to see developments in them. But he never seems like blind towards my effort and all of a sudden he asked me to stop it. He did not even let me know the reason. He never allows any initiation nor appreciate any. When it repeated many a times, I got fed up. It badly affected my Job satisfaction. What to say I quit in 3 months.

5.Better Late than Never

It is said that the appreciation must be timely. But even if we miss it somehow, it is better late than never. Well let me quote that mail

“Hello Team,

I was thinking of writing this many times. But I would apologize that I forgot
to do so. When I open nagios today, I saw, there were no down for many
days alerts. In fact this is not the first time we see that it has been
updated perfectly.

All credits goes to Mr.Cool, Amrith, who is doing his task with at-most care.
There was a time we got a heavy bug of alerts and that was really time
consuming. But the proactiveness and close watch that Amrith shows in this
regard has made a remarkable change and now we have a perfect shared
monitoring system. This has been a really great effort from him and must be

Great work Amrith :-):-) and Keep Going Great.


Amrith, has made a continued effort soon to keep this performance up till he takes his leave for higher studies. He also made significant support to the team, when we started appreciating his efforts. In fact he was very happy being with us. Although that was late recognition it had a good impact in him and in the team performance.

6.A Recognition Saves the Community

Online Inhouse Library Reminders have been a head ache for our team. Some times it does not work and the lenders do not get notification at right time. This always led to dispute when we charged them late fee. Our development team checked and fixed this issue many times, but at times it stopped working. As this was the situation, one after noon when I logged in I got several reminder mails to the lenders CC’ed to cre folder. I thought this would have been automatic reminders. But it was actually sent manually. I wondered to see the sender. It was a newbie in the team. I felt very happy with his pro activeness. I thought he worths a big thanks mail. Because the reminders saved the borrowers from huge late fee. I did send an appreciation mail to him.

I did not just stop there. Our admin was on his PV. I called him up and put my suggestion to give him a post Librarian in Charge. He is bestowed with this post. As new comer to the team, he must have felt proud of receiving this post. He was also showing a very good attitude to his work space. And now he handles one of the very serious department in our team, that is handling NDA and SLA. He is doing his best to settle with the new duty.

7.Poornam: a Name I replace for Recognition

Well this is neither a boasting nor a flattering. My statement is backed up with my experience with Poornam. When I joined here as customer relation executive, I knew nothing about Internet world other than sending email and chatting in yahoo. might have been the only website I visited ever before. I still remember the question asked by Lijoe during the interview “ Do you know about linux”. I stumbled at his question. I did not even know that it was an operating system. But today, I have my own space in this Internet world having more than 100 visitors everyday reading my articles and ranked in Google. Today I play a crucial role in the finance team. These are all the result of recognition I got here.

I remember the first issue we faced was the speed in chatting with client. I was able to coin some solution for the same. Firstly, I created a list of frequently typed answer and made a template. Secondly, I found text replacement can be used to rectify this issue. This also reduced the time consumption.
On another event, I was able to help a client Gisol, in their refund program and earned for company. I think that was the first DBF we provided:-). All these were accepted with a full heart. And I found happiness in innovation and discoveries. I learned some technical stuff with the support of my superiors. Why I felt to go on with adding more and more I can to Poornam is the way it accepts innovation and appreciating effort and rewarding results. I love to work here. Just as I say about St. Paul’s college, Poornam is my Favorite Work Place I ever loved.

I conclude here with these seven stories but I know I will have more and more to say. Well, I could post them for the time being.

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