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Posted: October 16, 2007 in Life
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My Dearest Site Viewers,

I have been asked by many to add more interactive features and entertainment stuffs in my site. A quick flash back. Well, right in the beginning, the intention of site building was just to have web page of mine. So I stated with geocities. Somedays back i saw my geocities page had been listed in Google. Slowly I thought of building a pages of mine which is not like /arun and I landed on tripod. But soon i was given a subdomain by Again, the motto was so small that to have some personal pages. But I posted some articles mainly essays needed for literature students since I’m a PG in English. for 2 years it was like that. One day I got free domain name fro DotTk.

Dinsan was the one to put me on wordpress mania. Things have changed so hastily in the last one year. I was getting more and more visitors on my site. People started posting their requirement. Now my site is more than a person page. Lot many comes in to have their requests sactioned, mainly in lyrics and literature.

Now these are the mew features added.

Cricket Live Score: This is been powered by It fetches the live scores of the most popular match and the track back of previous matches.

Wall Papers: As lyrics in one of the fav item searched by my viewers, they also ask for the posters and wall papers of the same.

E-Chat: Powered by meebo. Just to give chance for my site viewers to chat each other.

Games: A scope for entertainment, powered by

MP3 Download: Lyrics is complemented by music and vice versa. People need it and I give.

  1. livescore says:

    good idea..thanks

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