Che Guevara – The Local DYFI Secretary

Posted: October 6, 2007 in Articles

I’m a right conservative. Okay, to say I’m a UDF supporter. This happened 3 years back. Since I do not want to harass the person involved in the story, let me name him LDFX. Ldfx is the youth leader of a left political party. He is well a versed marble maison and been to politics since his school days. I was the youth congress secretary (Mandalam) at that time.

I don’t remember the exact occasion when I see the poster of Che Guevara. It could the state meet of his party. Being the local body lead, he was in charge of publicity in his locality. On an evening he was pasting the posters of party meet and it was of Che. While he was on his business, one of his co-worker had a big doubt. Doubt is a headache when the answer is unknown. He asked, Chetta! (Brother). Now the lead interfered him ” Call me Sakhave (Friend)”. Mr. Doubt continued, “Alright, Sakhaave! who is this guy in the poster?” .

It could be called a political junction where he was standing. Most of the politico-maniac would assemble there in every evening. To his misfortune, we, the right youth members were present when his little sakhavu shot this doubt. Now, Mr.Ldfx had to answer to keep up the dignity of his party. It’s a matter of high dignity that he should clarify the doubt in presence of us too. He replied ” Well he was the local DYFI secretary of Kannur( The left district of Kerala) and had been martyred in a strike”.

I just could not speak a word, I was really shocked. Well, he is better managed. Dear my leftist, don’t take this post as a sword against you. This is just an instant to laugh later, just to ease some tensed moments.

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