Salute India, the First T-20 World Champions

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Sports

The Winning Catch by Sreesanth, India becomes the champions of inaugural T20 World Cup

It started in a lazy heavy rain and ended up in high flames. Just like Kapil’s Devil went for 1983 world cup there were not so much expectation at Dhoni’s Boys. When the debut match with Ireland was abandoned due to heavy rain and got a narrow escape in ball out against Pak, even the severe fans of Team India have not ever thought that India would lift the Cup. When India crippled against the Kiwis, we expected a soon crash out.

But it’s Cricket, the perditions are less important. The Kangaroos never give up a crucial match, but they had to. Misbah lost to Sreesanth, but in the previous ball it was a huge hit. Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly would not have to have a second think about the retirement, you have a very effective successors. It should also be noted that, Dhoni has used all his team mates. No one had to sit in the side bench else, giving face to ground to carry bat and water to the filed. Piyush Chawla, an exception but the injury at his ankle may be the only reason we could not see him more in the field.

This young team is more aggressive than of Dravid’s. There are no heroes, but the team is Hero. This is what we were waiting for long. The team should not be person onriented. Everyone should have a role. And if one fails another should take the charge. Waiting for more fame to this team.

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