It’s Twenty 20- Team India should Realize that!

Posted: September 15, 2007 in Sports

India, just had narrow escape in the first round. Despite their defeat, Pakistan will join India in the Super Eights second round stage. Unfortunate Scotland will close bag to their land, leaving their second match to wretched hands of rain. India beat Pakistan 3-0 in a dramatic five-ball bowl-out at three stumps after their Twenty20 World Cup match ended in a tie. Do India go the right way?

20-20 was mere a dream, when India faced first five overs. I felt, team India would play the first test in 20-20. Well, the test could have been better. Uthappa is an exception, while the Captain, Dhoni found the crippled. Sehwag, is far away from what he was, I suspect if he gets a chance again. Irresponsibly, Yuvaraj is out the form.

20 overs end even before we star to think and nowhere in the span we can slow the game. It’s not the test,where you can tie, it’s not one-day where you can push the runrate up in the last 10. India should realise this and should have stable attack all over the 20 overs. There is danger of being all out. Yet, this is the fast cricket, attacking game and the play of Batsmen. Yet Agarkar should see that he gives easy bowls and offside and overpitched bowls which get six or one pitch boundary. Slow bowls and yorker cuold be best used. Nice to see that Irfan Pathan, big hits. Hope to see India gets fire in the super 8 and upcoming matches. Beware you have better teams there.

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