You post 1000 Unneeded and 1 at times Good

Posted: September 12, 2007 in Articles

Some day back one of my well wishers, who used to visit my site told “You post 1000 unneeded out of which 1 at times good”. He was firing upon the lyrics, and tamil movie impacted posts I made. He asked me “Hey Arun! you write well, but why should you post all these rubbish.” My answers were not enough for him.

Am I selling my site? Am I selling my words? Am I selling myself? Well my dearest readers, I’m by all means. If I don’t unveil my skills, then who will, If I don’t market my site, then who will. I know there is nothing in marketing my articles. But its just the matter of identity. 1 years back, if I google for arunchullikkal, there were no results fetched. I remember the first result fetched in google against arunchullikkal, it was my yahoo profile. Since then I started marketing the word arunchullikkal. Today when you search for arunchullikkal, you get a huge a result. You get my images in the image searches. Well just the key word chullikkal fetches the photo of my house taken from satelite.

Lyrics was the idea fetched by my old friend dinsan. He succeeded by gaining more hits, now I more than him. My blog was started months after his, but i over took his hits. Tamil Lyrics Requests are my gold customers. So long as they exists, I will have my site filled with Tamil numbers.

Now finally as my well wisher asks “What do you gain after all these?” Cool doubts: I answered “They are my small dreams fulfilled, They dont pay in currency, but to my heart’s content. I just love branding my name. He he he…Well dear my well wisher. I accept your criticism. But… 😉

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