Filling the Space…Life in Poornam

Posted: August 2, 2007 in Articles

When all is not enough, it fills the space with truth, faith and confidence, an incomplete to complete…POORNAM. That’s the feeling I get when I think of Poornam…Filling the spaces…The Completeness…Poornat Poornam Udyachyate On a rainy day of June 2004, I walked into Poornam with a resume in my hand. The first thing I noticed was the poster which is pasted against the visitors lobby. It was a picture of a mobile whose mouth was shut up, conveying to off sound your mobile.

Chakky, one of the interviewers asked me, “Do you know what Poornam does?”. “Yes, Poornam gives support to UNIX/LINUX server administration”, I replied. “What’s Linux/Unix” he posted another. ” My friend, Email and Echat are the only thing I knew about Internet, yahoo and rediff are the only websites I visit. Why did you ask me this?” I told this myself, but to Chakky I gave a smile indicating I’m not sure. I answered rest of the questions. But LINUX? Yes, that was space I could not fill it. ” We will let you know, expect a call in next 2 weeks”. Well, let me hope against hopelessness. My hope became true when I signed in the register as the 92nd employee on 4th July 2004

Filling the Spaces of Skills and Competencies

Professionally this was my first job in Poornam, although I worked with DTDC during my college days. But on the floor, things were not as expected, since I was looking at a Call center job, where I expected a head set and a call script. Linux and Internet Servers scared at me like a stranger. Each day of first 2 weeks, I didn’t where to start where to go. I thought I should search for another company. Well, I’m a die hard positive thinker, influenced by the writings of Rev. Norman Peale, and “why don’t I give a try?” Yes! that’s proved right. If not, I wouldn’t have been the one among those blessed who get a chance to write about the life in Poornam.

Each day, I met with spaces and vacuum. I fell down many times. Yet each time there were the vast pool of people who were behind me to wake up. They spare a helping hand. Later when I fell down they thought me how to wake up myself. Together we filled those spaces. Few days back while I’m about leave for home after my shift, Sojish, one of the Exec. Member told me ” Hey Arun! You’re going to handle one of the most critical and pivotal role in the company . We have a big trust in you” Coincidently the day was 4th July 2007 my 4th year beginning in Poornam.

Filling the Spaces of Customers

2 years back, Amar, Sangeetha and Chakky were flying to the US to set up US based level 1 voice support. I was astonished at this. In those days, the US companies were the ones who come down to India to set up their voice support and we were, vice versa. Later I realized, it is the demand for the customer who needs pure US accent representatives handle the calls. The new set up availed the customer will technical support in India seamlessly integrated with the voice support in the US. Server security and administration was a product launched under the lead of Blessen, which catered the one time requirement of the customers. Today we provide dedicated security experts and consultants on a wide range which was an advantage for the customers to seek all support from one source. Hosting related dedicated billing support is yet another example who freed the customer from the heavy office of accounts and finance management. Each time Poornam studies the requirements of the client and launches new plan which fill the blanks.

Filling the Spaces between Employer and Employee

“Arun! Don’t worry, you play the natural shots” I was playing TT at food court. Can you guess who would be my doubles’ partner. If your answer is my peer Vipin who with I play in tournaments, then you are wrong. It was with Amar, one of our directors I was playing. Some times back in this same Newsletter, I wrote, the most striking aspect in Poornam is the friendly atmosphere that the management maintains. It removes the spaces between the employer and employee. The scope for Growth in Poornam is not defined to particular level but as vast as a sky and provided you have the passion and the will to make it big. The opportunity is like a half closed door for most of us. Not many realize that it is half open too.

Filling the Spaces of Society

The picture of an off sound mobile I saw at visitors lobby was not a symbol of tyranny .I thought, God I was lucky then, I dint have mobile phone, when our trainer later told us if your mobile sounds you will have to pay a fine. But that’s was again to fill the spaces for those who are in need of a helping hand. I do not regret to day when my 1100 accidentally sounds. it lets me to fill the space.


Lot many over the Internet world makes use the articles posted by Poornam techs. Give back to the community is one of the very respected values of Poornam. Usually, we are more to take rather than to give. But Poornam develops a different culture which is of Give and Take a reverse thought on delivering and consuming on equal way.

When Pooram Media correspondent Mr. Kichu M asked me to write an article, I had many to write over a glimpse of my last 3 years with this Big Family. My first day in Poornam, walked in with my best friend Nijoy who I have known for more than 7 years, my first cake cutting before a huge crowd, those tensed training days, my first PE taken by Sangeetha and Chakky, the Baale and one act plays we played, Steps I danced, crazy outings, the fun we made and enjoyed and the day when I’m assigned to Finance Team. Poornam adds more and more to me and each time I’m moving nearer to completeness…POORNAM

Om Poornam Adah, Poornam Idam…

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