Arabikkatha- A Left Political Reformation

Posted: July 16, 2007 in Reviews

Another master piece from Iqbal Kuttippuram and Lal Jose. Cuba Mukundan, enacted by Sreenivasan leaves a number of things to ponder over when the curtain falls. Songas are awesome and melodious. The most striking is the strong screen play. I would like to genre this as political movie said in a different way.

This is post-left-reign thought of left supporter. The clash between the expected and the experienced is vividly said. Cuba Mukundan is a the Unit secretary of a left party of Chemmanur, a village in North Kerala. He loves China and Cuba, preferably Cuba and supports Fidel Castro, hence the name Cuba. He is a pure communist and an innocent man. When his father Gopalan
Nair (Society Gopalan- Nedumudi venu) is accused for corruption(Later proved innocent) he takes up the burden of bank repayment and flies to Dubai (Although he does not like Dubai since they are more capitalists). But he was actually trapped By Kunjunni (Jagathi). Kunjunni was taking revenge upon him for closing his polluting leather factory. In the later parts, you find the struggles of Mukundan which throws light upon the hardship of Gulf malayalees. He has been double crossed by many other. But though out all his hardships he never gives up his highest convictions.

On the other end, his comrade becomes MLA and Minister but he is like the present day communist whose words and deeds are two poles apart. Mukunda meets with a Chinese women Shumin who later he helps in her distress and builds a softcorner in his heart. Will Mukundan get Shumin, Will he able to realize the wolves in sheep’s coat? Will he be able to pay his debt are leadin us to the climax.

Cuba Mukundan represents the expectation of a real communist, which the left party in Kerala seldom thinks of. One of the veteran communist corrects his co-workers, when they say ” Party is Important” . He says” People are important, party is created by the people for the people”. Mukundan adds when he leaves all his money to help Shumin” A communist should earn for his daily lives only, if he gets more he is supposed to give to for those who are in need. LDF has grown to the biggest corporate in Kerala having their own institutes and investments. See how far are they from the real maxism.

This is a social reformation. Leftism should go under a reformation. People have lost their confidence is right politics, they are afraid of any other communal parties and slowly loosing their confidence in leftism too. The film finally leads to a reformed political party who thinks ” People are important”

  1. dinsan says:

    must watch for those who love communism as an ideology and not as a party.

    songs > bringing the poetry back to malayalam movies something we missed half way

    while highlighting the communist stuff inside, most of us forgot about another important part, the real soul of the movie. Life of Keralites over there. Its so realistic …the way Lal Jose has got in it.

  2. Its a film of man who loves party and work for party not about CPIM

  3. Good stuff. Best movie I have seen in a while is Avatar hands down. That movie was well done and extremely entertaining. For any of you that have yet to see it, go watch it while it’s in theaters. You will not be disappointed.

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