Sachin: A Deserved Dismissal

Posted: April 21, 2007 in Sports

Sachin should have thought of a better retirement than being left out of team. Although the selection board justifies that Sachin and Gaguly are allowed rest, it is red signal for them to retire. If not, why should they be allowed rest? For the last one month they should have got enough time to rest and relax. The intention is clear that the board could not find a better word than REST to give a yellow card to the BIGBs.

Sachin might have been God and Ganguly might have been Prince. But when both are not adding any good to the team, they deserve a stay out card. Tendulkar, limited-overs cricket’s most successful batsman, managed only 64 runs in three World Cup matches, falling for 7 against Bangladesh and clean bowled for a duck against Sri Lanka. He should have done great long back.It is better to retire than being kicked out. See how Brain Lara out of his loss decided to retire. Sachin should learn out him. He is a setting sun and should understand that every good product has an expiry date. Living the glories of past does not make a sense for team India and Cricket.

So says Ian Chappell. He writes an article titled “Look into that mirror, Sachin” and goes on to write:

If Tendulkar had found an honest mirror three years ago and asked the question; “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the best batsman of all?” It would’ve answered; “Brian Charles Lara.” If he asked that same mirror right now; “Mirror, mirror on the wall should I retire?” The answer would be; “Yes.”

This is at the reach of a Sachin Era, he should pave way for young cricketers. As cricketer we need him for the further growth of Cricket, but as a player, I do not feel he would bring glories again. He is getting old and although he wills, his physique may not allow. At this time his bat won’t reach the angle his mind calculates. This is a universal phenomenon, body fails to mind. Sachin should realize that, so is Ganguly. I would definitely love to see him walking off, for the last time, with a 100,000 indian fans giving him a standing ovation. So, I hope that he chooses any forthcoming big series to take his leave.

  1. Harish says:

    Good Article Arun !!!
    But I could found the word ”GOD”while you explain Sachin..Why?
    Make a comparison between Sachin,Ponting,Inzamam,Lara and Other top batsmen.Frankly tell,among these who is NOT a match winner …ofcourse its Sachin (GOD)…!!It is almost clear that Sachin is Big Big failure in big matches except the last world cup.But tke the case of other batsmen ,they lead their team in tight situations,emerged victorious.Sachin …?
    Yes was one there in Sharjah..over.See the runs he scored ,lions share as an opening batsman..that too first bating.He is a total Failure.He may have achieved many records ,but all to his credit only …nothing for the team.

    I expect your comment on this arun !!!

  2. @ Harish

    This was a bus word so far, ” if cricket is religion in india, the God is Sachin.

    Hence sachin to God

  3. dvka says:

    Hit the nail on the head…
    Cold facts friend.
    Its always better to stop when the sun still shines…than be kicked out bcoz its night.

  4. Duke says:

    Arun snd others,

    With Ian chappel eating his words in a recent article.. wat is your view now???

    I still believe Sachin is not the Sachin of 1998, but he has choosen this role for himself and he knows better than any of us who have never stepped onto a cricket field professionally…

    just to sum up…. never underestimate anyone… esp if the guy/girl is a champion like Sachin…


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