Why Try Anything Twice?

Posted: April 18, 2007 in Articles

I have been asked several times or when I mistake for second time, I have been teared out for the footer I use for mail. Its a part of most of my signature.

I have answered them its a three word to tell you to be optimistic or never fed up with just one. Next question follows where did you get this. Hmm…thats very odd. This is not a very strange verse. Any common English user have at least read or written or uttered this once in life. Well, I got this from a Rock concert of Bryan Adams – 18 Till I Die.

I wanna be young the rest of my life
never say no – try anything twice
til the angels come and ask me to fly
I’m gonna be 18 til I die – 18 til I die

I just love the dream “18 till I die”. I thought of using as my signature, but the word ‘die’ left a Grey cell. So I looked for another best from the stanza. “Try anything twice’ was next striking for me. Well, let me tell you this, I’m die hard positive thinker. A great turn in my life occurred after reading Rev. Norma Peale. His “Power of Positive Living” had made a remarkable impact in me. So I thought to pick this line. I have using the same for quite more than 3 years and recently I have prefixed the quote with “Never Say No”

Well, I still love to be 18 till I die

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