Ministry of Critics & Criticism- V. S. Achuthanathan

Posted: March 13, 2007 in Articles

Govt. of Kerala has to think about appointing a new ministry, it could be ministry of critics and criticism. Well, I’m not talking about literary criticism or something related to the same, for which we have wise men here. My suggestion for the ministry is just for criticism for the sake of criticism. Well, his/ her office will be just to make destructive (at time constructive) criticism on everything happening around. It could be Smart City, Express Highway, EndoSulfan, State Debt, Suicides by Debt-Ridden Farmers, A D B, Violence, Lock up deaths, Question Paper Leak or anything that will click in public.

The ministry is not supposed to make any remedial or preventive actions. They just need to criticize the issues. Well, they can hold a Black Day Observance. A day strike will do much. In case of necessities, they can destroy public properties, K S R T C buses, Police Jeeps whatever available. Colleges where students politics allowed, can pause studies for a day or week. Who should lead the ministry is a very important question. Well my best candidate is V S Achuthananthan.

He might have a big history of strikes he hold for poor and labors (he should think if he is the same), the best post for him is the Minister of Critics & Criticism

  1. freebird says:

    What else you expect from our politicians man ? I pity u 🙂

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