ICC World Cup Cricket 2007: Fixture, Teams and Venue

Posted: February 24, 2007 in Sports
The mascot of the 2007 Cricket World Cup is an orange raccoon like creature called Mello wearing a blue short sleeved shirt over a white vest and blue sneakers leaning on a cricket bat. According to the organizers “he’s fun and friendly, he’s on the go, he’s cool as they come…he’s Mello”. TeamsAustralia, South Africa, The Netherlands, Scotland, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Bermuda, New Zealand, England, Kenya, Canada, West Indies, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ireland.

* 16 teams will contest the next Cricket World Cup finals to be held in the West Indies in spring 2007
* These teams are the 10 ODI countries plus Kenya and the five qualifiers from the ICC Trophy held in Ireland in 2005: Scotland, Ireland, Bermuda, Canada, Netherlands.

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4
Australia Sri Lanka New Zealand West Indies
South Africa India England Pakistan
Netherlands Bangladesh Kenya Zimbabwe
Scotland Bermuda Canada Ireland



St. Lucia



St. Kitts and Nevis

Antigua and Barbuda




Preliminary Round
VENUE 1 : Jamaica (hosts West Indies’ matches, plus Opening Ceremony and Opening Match)VENUE 2 : St. Lucia (hosts England’s matches)VENUE 3 : Trinidad and Tobago (hosts India’s matches)VENUE 4 : St. Kitts and Nevis (hosts Australia’s matches)


VENUE 5 : Antigua and Barbuda (hosts three of the biggest Super Eight matches)

VENUE 6 Grenada

VENUE 7 Guyana

VENUE 8 : Barbados (hosts three of the biggest Super Eight matches)


VENUE 1: Jamaica

VENUE 2: St. Lucia


VENUE 8: Barbados



Warm Up Matches


Group WA
Jamaica Trelawny

Group WB
St. Vincent

Group WC
Trinidad, Brian Lara

Group WD
Barbados, 3W’s

05 Mar

West Indies v Kenya

England v Bermuda

South Africa v Canada

Sri Lanka v Scotland

06 Mar

India v Netherlands

Australia v Zimbabwe

Pakistan v Ireland

New Zealand v Bangladesh

08 Mar

Kenya v Netherlands

Zimbabwe v Bermuda

Ireland v Canada

Scotland v Bangladesh

09 Mar

India v West Indies

Australia v England

Pakistan v South Africa

New Zealand v Sri Lanka

Opening Ceremony



11 Mar

Opening Ceremony

Group Stage


Group A
St. Kitts & Nevis

Group B
Trinidad & Tobago

Group C
St. Lucia

Group D

13 Mar

West Indies v Pakistan

14 Mar

Australia v Scotland

Kenya v Canada

reserve day

15 Mar

reserve day

Sri Lanka v Bermuda

reserve day

Zimbabwe v Ireland

16 Mar

South Africa v Netherlands

reserve day

England v New Zealand

reserve day

17 Mar

reserve day

India v Bangladesh

reserve day

Pakistan v Ireland

18 Mar

Australia v Netherlands

reserve day

England v Canada

reserve day

19 Mar

reserve day

India v Bermuda

reserve day

West Indies v Zimbabwe

20 Mar

South Africa v Scotland

reserve day

New Zealand v Kenya

reserve day

21 Mar

reserve day

Sri Lanka v Bangladesh

reserve day

Zimbabwe v Pakistan

22 Mar

Scotland v Netherlands

reserve day

New Zealand v Canada

reserve day

23 Mar

reserve day

India v Sri Lanka

reserve day

West Indies v Ireland

24 Mar

Australia v South Africa

reserve day

England v Kenya

reserve day

25 Mar

reserve day

Bermuda v Bangladesh

reserve day

26 Mar

reserve day

Second Stage – Super Eight Series


Antigua & Barbuda




27 Mar

D2 v A1

28 Mar

reserve day

A2 v B1

29 Mar

D2 v C1

reserve day

30 Mar

reserve day

D1 v C2

31 Mar

A1 v B2

reserve day

01 Apr

reserve day

D2 v B1

02 Apr

B2 v C1

reserve day

03 Apr

reserve day

D1 v A2

04 Apr

C2 v B1

reserve day

05 Apr

reserve day

07 Apr

B2 v A2

08 Apr

A1 v C2

reserve day

09 Apr

reserve day

D1 v C1

10 Apr

D2 v A2

reserve day

11 Apr

reserve day

C2 v B2

12 Apr

B1 v C1

reserve day

13 Apr

reserve day

A1 v D1

14 Apr

A2 v C1

reserve day

15 Apr

reserve day

B2 v D1

16 Apr

A1 v B1

reserve day

17 Apr

reserve day

A2 v C2

18 Apr

D1 v B1

reserve day

19 Apr

reserve day

D2 v B2

20 Apr

A1 v C1

reserve day

21 Apr

reserve day

D2 v C2

22 Apr

reserve day

Semi Finals


Semi Final 1 : Jamaica

Semi Final 2 : St Lucia

23 Apr
24 Apr

Semi Final 1: 2 Vs 3

25 Apr

reserve day

Semi Final 2: 1 Vs 4

26 Apr

reserve day

World Cup 2007 Final



27 Apr
28 Apr


29 Apr

reserve day


  1. jorden basi says:

    all the best to the indian team. please come home victorous and hoe u will shine
    from jorden

  2. danny says:

    i don’t know the times of ‘cricket world cup 2007’ matches.

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