Lyrics: Mayavi- Muttathe Mulle Chollu

Posted: February 22, 2007 in Lyrics

Movie: Mayavi
Singer: K.J Yesudas/ Manjari
Music Director : Alex Paul
Lyrics: Sarath Varma

Muttathe mulle chollu,
Kallathe ninne kannan,
Vannethum thambranararro..
Onnannum mindidathe,
Kathoram thannidathe,
Engengo mayunararro..

Perille Nallille,
Enthannenne Ethannenne,
Entheno Etheno,
Mindanonum ninneyilleno… (Muttathe)

Kaiyethum dhoorayille,
Dhooratho meyunnille,
Meyumbol ellam nullum nadodiyalle,
Nadodi paattum paadi,
Aadumbol koodeyaadan penne neeyille..
Kallipenninte kallakannenno minnichingunne.. (Muttathe)

Manjetho choodum thedi,
Thirathayi oodunnille,
Thirathe chembil melle aaradunnille,
Aarattu theerum neram,
Moovandan maavinkombil,
Chothickathenthum thaane chaayunonnalle..
Kanditutenne mayakattalle konjikunnille.. (Muttathe)

  1. Sandeep Sathayn says:

    thank u so much. i was looking for the lyrics from the movie mayavi and i got it from ur site. thanx a lot. well, can u get me the lyrics of the song “kando kando” from mahasamudram?

  2. Movie: Mahasamudram

    Song: Kando Kando..

    Singer: G.Venugopal

    Kando kando kadalu kandittethara nalaayi…yelo yelo yelaiyo
    othiri nalaayi othiri othiri othiri nalaayi…..yelo yelo yelaiyo
    olichukandittethara nalaayi…yelo yelo yelaiyo
    kaliparanjittothiri nalaayi…..yelo yelo yelaiyo
    kettipidichittum muthichuvappichumethara nalaayi…
    Kando kando kadalu kandittethara nalaayi…hayya othiri nalaayi…

    Kaakke keeke..kakka thambratti..chakara koluvannittethara nalaayi..
    Kanakuyile..kookiri kuyile…pularaan pulari kandittothiri ravaayi…
    Varumennu kettu njan….varivandu poleyi…
    Thamarapoonkaral kaanuvan kaathukondethara nalaayi…
    kando..kando…kadalu kando oo..kando kando kadalu ka-ndo..
    Kando kando kadalu kandittethara nalaayi…yelo yelo yelaiyo

    Oru vili kelkaan..maru mozhi moolaan..veruthe kanavu kandittothiri nalaayi…
    karayude kaathil kadalala parayum…katha kelkaan kothichethara nalaayi…
    Viralondu mannil naam…yezhuthunna vaakkukal…puthiya mannangu maichukalanjittinothiri nalaayi..
    Naade naade nattilirirangittethara nalaayi…yelo yelo yelaiyo
    Veede veede..veedonnukandittothiri nalaayi….yelo yelo yelaiyo
    kurumbu chollittethara nalaayi..yelo yelo yelaiyo
    kudikazhinjittothiri nalaayi..yelo yelo yelaiyo
    Mannathe raave poganinakkini yethara…

  3. navas says:

    can anyone help me to get the lyrics of the poem “Agasthya hridayam”
    rama rakhu raama
    plz help me

  4. unknown says:

    lyrics are good so far…u should write the
    entire muttathe mulle chollu phrase every time.
    it makes it easier. 🙂

  5. unknown says:

    its ok u dont hv to do it tho…it was only my
    opinion….but thanx for the great help u hv
    been!! 🙂

  6. Hi,
    I had been to kerala for a trip last week and happend to listen to this “Muttathe” song in boat house. I liked it so much that i heard it many times but failed to get the movie name etc. Anywhere I went, I sung this tune and askd if the person knew this song but in vain.
    After coming back to chennai, i searched in google with “Chollu+yesudas”…which took me to this page.

    Thanks for the lyrics. I would like to know the meaning of each line in this song.


  7. The translation is not authentic as of the original lyrics. But I have tried my level best to show justice to the orginal

    Tell me, jasmine stands at courtyard
    Who is the king who comes to meet you in the morning
    Without a word, without a voice
    Who is the one disappears somewhere

    Doesn’t has he, a name
    Doesn’t has he, an advent day
    What would be that? How would be that?
    Has he gone, without saying them?

    He must be there in an ear shot
    He must be wandering there
    He is a wanderer
    He sings the songs of a wanderer
    And plays simple trapeze
    Aren’t you the mate plays with him?
    Your eyes are blinking, naughty girl

    At some shore, snow runs behind the heat
    And swims in the pond at the shore
    When the feast is over,
    He would give you anything you want,
    Even without asking him
    Because he has seen you
    Through the magical wind

  8. Thx yaar for the meaning of that song. Also let me know if there is any online malayalam to english/tamil dictionary.

  9. Rakhi says:

    Hi Arun,

    The translation is really awesome…i was searcing for the same for a long time…thanks looooooooooooooot yar

  10. fazaludhen says:

    can you send me
    agasthy dridayam kavith of
    madhu soodanan nair
    please if you have

  11. shruthidev says:

    can u get me the lyrics of agasthya hridyam…plzzzz

  12. Danny says:

    love it love mayavi sadly he is married and old!!!!! 😦 but I looooove his voice and lyrics!!!!!!!

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