Review: Guru and the Business Impact

Posted: February 7, 2007 in Reviews

Movies rarely give a chance to be stricken at some points. In other words,being injected with an unparalleled energy that bolsters your confidence and belief in the possibilities that one can create for one’s own self. In spite of boulders of odds in your way. There’s a multitude of emotions that Mani Rathnam’s ‘Guru’ generates as you walk out of the theatre.
In a small village of Idar in Gujarat, a young man dreams of making it big some day. His father [Rajendra Gupta], the headmaster of the village school, tells him that dreams never come true. But Gurukant Desai [Abhishek Bachchan] dares to dream! Set in 1951, GURU tells the story of a ruthlessly ambitious villager who moves to Turkey first and Mumbai later with his wife Sujata [Aishwarya Rai] and brother-in-law Jignesh [Arya Babbar] to fulfill his dreams.

In Mumbai, truth dawns upon Guru that the business world is a closed community ruled by a handful of rich and influential people who don’t believe in giving opportunities to new players. Despite barriers, he starts a company called Shakti Trading and climbs the ladder of success at a furious pace.

Manik Dasgupta aka Nanaji [Mithun Chakraborty], who publishes a newspaper Swatantra, treats Guru as his son. But when he learns that Guru’s means to make it big are not right, he along with the Editor of his newspaper, Shyam [Madhavan], decide to expose Guru’s unjust ways. Sham has Guru’s business cut down with his investigative journalism and stops Guru from venturing into new business. One of the companies is shut down on charges of illegal trade.Guru falls ill and is faced by a commission before the case goes to the court. The cricifixion and the resurrection of Guru are the fiting finale.

‘Guru’ is clearly inspired by life of the founder of Reliance industries Dhirubhai Ambani. For like Dhirubhai, Guru bhai hails from a village in Gujarat who wins over Mumbai with his native intelligence, ambitious zeal, wondrous people skills and even the paralytic attack is exactly a replica of the great industrialist’s life.

“Reborn from the ashes as phoenix” is not the first time treat in the film industry. But ‘Guru’ is a film beyond a gynre. It’s a film which comes your way once in a life time, especially for those who dreaming of priting their names in the volumes of history. Daring to dream and striving to win are the essence left by this movie to an industrialist. Not everybody shall accept it but people who think of building their company from “bharat hi subse bada”(India’s biggest) to “Duniya ki subse bada”(World’s biggest). Again its not just for an entreprenuer, but for all the hard working hands who places each bricks up to reach the hieghts floor.

  1. freebird says:

    one more miss ! Gotta watch it somehow.

    nice description buddy

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