Feeling One’s Office to Home

Posted: December 28, 2006 in Articles

Nithya, the newbie in Poornam was from my place, Vypeen, even from the same bus station. That’s the only reason, I owe to invite her for my marriage. Obviously, I would need to invite other newbies too. While talking to them, I asked “How do you feel here?”. They said they are as comfortable as in their home. Feeling one’s office as home is a tremendous emotion, which requires a blend of love and passion towards the work place.t

In 2004 or 2005, Sokri was on his paid vacation. (Que: Why Sokri comes in your article always? Ans: He is the Exec member who usually comes in my shift. I used to discuss many official and personal things to him. More than a superior he is a mentor to me. Two other I feel the same are Blessen and Tobby. Other Execs, you are not away from me, but out of all her children a mother would have 1 or 2 as her pet. Well we are deviating from topic.) Sokri was not feeling bored at home, but a feeling that would more killing than boring. He set back to office and paid all his days, sleeping and roaming in an around Poornam. One Day when he sleeping at lobby at the early hours of the day, Amar came and woke him up. He commented, “Hey! now Poornam has
become a holiday home for you”. Sokri smiled and it said all.

Not just in Sokri, but for many people work here, Poornam is more than an office to them. That keep them alive, even when they catch the 22 situation at work place. The feeling seamlessly integrates the user to the end user, employer to the employee, provider to the customer and reduces friction in between. This just results in handling everything as mine, my customer and my company. For me Poornam is an emotion, my other home.

  1. Nice to read this article Arun. I have the same feel when I am in Poornam. Familiar faces and voices, is so addicting.

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