Rodrigo De Xerex- The First Smoker in Europe

Posted: November 22, 2006 in Articles

“Smoking is injurious to health” As I was closing a cup of tea, I randomly said this to my uncle, whose head around was filled in smoke. “Do you know who was the first smoker in Europe?” He asked”. “Are you quizzing me”? I. “Nope! just came in to my thought” He replied. You may be knowing this before, but I was curious to hear the story. “Rodrigo De Xerex, he was there in sail team of Columbus, on his first voyage to America”. I felt interest in it.

As those history bites know, they mismade it to China. Rod and his friend were sent with gift to Great Khan. But they were inclined to habituals of laymen and never met Khan. Out of their habits, the strange one was in hailing the smoke burning a leaf role, filled with dry leaves of plant called “tobacco”. Rod and his mate were amazed to see’em inhaling smoke for pleasure, as European had not ever had such a habit till then. Smoking was an entirely novel idea to Euro’s and to Rod, who took a bunch with him to home land.

Inland Rod’s new habit created a murmur. They thought that he is evil driven after the sail and as they see the smoke around him they thought that his oul is slowly strewed out by some evil spirit. They took him to the nquisitors. To his dilemma, he was deprived of his title, land and all ossessions and sentenced to imprisonment for many years.

Howeverhen he was back in Ayamonte, his home town, after the imprisonment, Smoking had become the most commoner in Europe.

  1. dinsan says:

    how can be the first smoker if he was just copying it from that place ?

  2. He is the first smoker of Europe only. Just like Vivek Hazare was the first indian cricketer to score triple century in first class cricket. Before hiim, west indian, the english and the australians were there. But he was the first indian to reach this remark.

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