“Next 5 Years and My Poornam”, Asked Sokri

Posted: November 15, 2006 in Articles

“What do you think in next 5 years, the role you act in Poornam?” (Poornam or Bobcares, as you guys know, is my work place). I don’t know whether that was a tricky question, Sojish, the Executive Team Member, shot against me. But my answer was quick “Well, I would be heading the finance team”. He smiled ” I was seeing you as the CFO”. Lols! that must be a big joke for now to laugh at and you might be wondering “Aye! Aye! this guy doesn’t know what he craps, forgive him”. No objection your excellency, you are correct, I’m miles away from what my boss thought. But I do know what he really meant to say, if he see in this little friend a CFO, what would be his great dreams about the Strong and Evergrowing Poornam.

Although, I have not thought about a CFO, I do have dream that one day I will be in crucial role to this company, I dare to dream. At first day here when I came in, I knew nothing about this internet world, but just yahoo messenger and rediffmail. But today, I own my ArunZ World in webworld. Trust me when I say, I haven’t even gone for summer computer class.

When my company covered 200 people, one of our Directors, Sangeetha Naik was telling we hope to reach 500 in next year. I was visualizing then my role in a 500 big team. Again I dare to dream. I would not say them here, you might be laughing again. But its all about visualizing things, I’m sure it would come our way. I would reap what I sow. When Sokri asked me about next five years, he was forcing me to dream for next 5 year, although I have started to dream already. Still now I do not feel I have not burned all my fuels and still more to go. When I dream them, I’m aware that I would need the fuel too, or a plan to use my fuel systematically. I cant just stop by woods on the snowy evening. Keep going


The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.




  1. dinsan says:

    ” I dare to dream ”

    thats really a nice way to put it across. and believe me that single sentence speaks volumes……

    did you get it from somewhere else? anywway its new for me and thank a alot boss for that new phrase ….. and if its your own… well… will give a treat for you hehe …

    and in that “BIG POORNAM” ……….. you will be an important part for sure.. since you have an important space in the poornam’s heart.. well just like the space you give for it in your heart

  2. Thats not mine however, i got it from sokris core talk. you may treat him :-;

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