Don : Amitabh, Shahrukh, Dileep

Posted: October 29, 2006 in Movies

Amitabh made a mark in 1978 in one of his iconic roles featured in Don. Now, after much hype, we have the Shah Rukh Khan version of Don. At mollywood, Dileep the popular choice in Malayalam, hits big screen, with heroic sensor Shaji Kailas. What common I see in both chotta (little) dons Khan and Dileep is, their proved helplessness to become an angry youngman or so called action hero.

“Men should be sweet , sexy an manly like Aamir”. This was my friend Soumya’s first commend about the movie Don (2006). I think manliness does not appear in Shah Rukh and Dileep. Imagine Shah Rukh Khan playing the character that Amitabh Bachchan enacted in 1970s underworld thriller ‘Don’ or Dileep competes with Shajis heroes like Mohan Lal. The best word I can use is a David- Golliath game, yet in our stars’ matter David is not enough and a total failure.

Dileep has been trying to graduate as a full-fledged action hero with films like “Runway” and “Lion” – both directed by veteran Joshiy. These films got a mixed response at the box office. “The Don”, an Onam release directed by Shaji Kailash, was a cocktail of several films. One expected to see Dileep play a strong character, but he is reduced to becoming a caricature of what an action hero is. He sure won’t like to remember this role.

It just took me to deny Shah Rukh as Don, the way he messed up the ever repeated dialogue “Don ka inthazar tho gyarah mulkom ki police kar rahi hai lekin ek bath samanj lo don ko pakadna muskil hi nahi namumkin hai”. It would have been better if he had not repeated them. I remember the lines from “Bharatha Sthreekal Than Bhavasudhi”, a Malayalam poem “Maleyamarnnori kunnengee praleya sailamengo” (Can we compare a snowy hill to Great Himalayas ?).

To become an action hero it requires the power in eyes, in mannerisms, in words and in all actions. Curling the mustache and making some styles won’t be just enough. Shah Rukh and Dileep have to learn the same. Better for them ” bite what one can chew”

Here is the lyrics from Don

  Song Title
1 Aaj Ki Raat
2 Khaike Paan Bana – New
3 Main Hoon Don – New
4 Main Hoon Don
5 Morya Morya Morya Re
6 Yeh Mera Dil – New
  1. sowmya says:

    hey……its really cool yaar…..

  2. sloondabloon says:

    I agree with you Arun .. I haven’t seen these movies .. and I don’t feel like either..

    I prefer something original .. and that expresses real talent 🙂

    & Like you, I don’t feel Dileep and SRK are doing that either

  3. Haseeb says:

    What you think of yourself guys, both Arun and Sloondabloon? Shahrukh has done his job. He has full credit for its success. But Dileep’s Don, its not always great to compare malayalam wid hindi movies. You both have to think. Coz its time for you to open ur eyes. Im not teasing you guys. But you shouldnt repeat dis. So Best of luck.

  4. Haseeb,

    Thanks for your comment. But misread the article. i was comparing SRK to Amitab and Dileep to MohanLal.

    Did I compare Dileep to Hindi Actors, Dare I. LOL 😀

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