A Crazy Outing: Solitude in Veegaland…

Posted: October 22, 2006 in Travel

“Flirting with my solitude” I may be sued for plagiarism by my boss Kishore Menon to use this caption. In fact I didn’t find any better word for to qualify my last outing to Veegaland , India’s no.1 Water theme park. I had been to here several times with my neighboring friends, classmates and colleagues. This time I planned to go with my girl friend. I said it planned because it was master brained to select this day as she, with her students were on school outing to this place on the same day. We thought that would be the finest day to go.

As planned everything worked out till the day morning. For the wretched hours, my mobile stopped receiving incoming calls and for 2 hours it was down. (I’m still wondering how a prepaid connection is getting barred before the validity expires.) In 2 hours all mess up made its possible way. I paid for the ticket and I was in. It took another 30 minutes to get my connection back, and I got the first call from her saying, her aunt, the head mistress, was accompanying them, since it her niece student’s outing. I lost my first half mood there.I saw them queuing and in white vestment her aunt was just behind them. Her face was all empty of blood. Caught in the eyes of her pupil one of them commended ” You look like Vijay, Tamil Movie Actor” . I don’t what would be scale used to compare me to Vijay to who I stand miles away. Well the outing was almost under the control of dearest aunt and respected head mistress. She had nothing to do with, moreover I had already paid for the ticket.

I’m forced to jam with solitude. My positive thinker in me, then, woke up. I had been to here in gangs, why can’t I try a single ride in veegaland. The idea was not as easy as I thought. I got though Balarama Cave, Vintage Ride, Dragon, Dash Cars, Tornadoes and all most all land ride. But when it came to water rides, the most fun rides demanded a partner. I turned back for a partner. But most of them were in twos and no one spared me a hand. I was out. And when all make noises I was just silent, there I really needed a companion to whistle. In Space Gun when all were shouting and crying I was keeping my lips closed and sat like nothing is happening around me. Wavepool was all silent for me. I felt like I was standing at shore which was attacked by a Tsunami. Silence in Vegaland must be book I can write.

On the other end my lady was getting bored more and more. Aunt is was not young enough to play on rides and forced her to accompany. I felt I was in better position although there is a blank on my right side, I enjoyed a bit, she was even denied that.

However this is not the story about our distress, but my solitary hang out. I think one must feel the difference. You are alone at canteen table when a crowd is around you. You are alone even if you are in long queue to the rides. You are in silence when the surrounding is filled with claps and howling. Although it left me alone, I learned what my Boss wrote “Flirting with my solitude”

  1. dinsan says:

    India’s number one ? hmm any advertisment to get paid man ? 😛

  2. Yes…$5.00 for each hit

  3. Cyna says:

    hahahha.. i cant stop laughing…nice outing..even though u didnt enjoy it…..!!

  4. Nasrajan says:

    Flirting with solitude is a great thing to do once you practise it..

    You can do it even in the Poornam food court, where no one is ever left without company.. 🙂

    Its a nice feeling..

  5. Bobby says:

    Ithinaanu parayunnathu “Aalkkottathil thaniye..” (Kadappadu I V Sasi)

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