Letter Writing – I have lost ‘t Somewhere

Posted: October 3, 2006 in Articles

I used to reply to the ad box in newspaper those days. They were request for pen friends. I think I started it during the summer vacation of 97, which was the transitional period from manacle and clutches of School Days to the emancipation of College Colors, I had 18 pen friends those days. Those days it was just needed to the sender write only Arun, Chullikkal, Cochin-08 to rush their envelopes to me.And I used to write 3-4 letters a day.

After attending several camps and ice-breaks of first year I got more people to write my thoughts. I started stocking inland and post cards. The average letter I wrote then was 6-7 a day. On that year end i send around 60 greetings on Noel and New year. And I was really proud to keep some letters from Civic Chandran, Sippy Pallipuram, Varghese Paul etc. Some of them were really sentimental about my lines dropped. Some wrote their thoughts on current affairs. Some wrote their chores. And some, their dreams. Some cried, some laughed, some sighed. I respond to them with the exact feeling they expect.

All of a sudden my address was shrunken to arunbond009@rediffmail.com, which was my first email id created on demand by a pen friend. I did not know that it is going to be the end of an era where an Inland and pen could mightily tie up 2 hearts. I lost most of my writes, and in 2002 I had only 4 friends who I took pen for. Rest of them where hanged out in the corners of Internet cafe’. I wrote pages and pages in letters, but now i end up in two or three lines. SMS has taken most write of the day. Ans I lost them somewhere, my dearest pen and stocked inland.

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