For the Shame of Being Alive: Kathavasheshan by T V Chandran

Posted: August 29, 2006 in Uncategorized
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First of all accept my apologies for not watching this movie at the time of release. I never miss a venture by T V Chandran, but it happened. Well I would start with a short appreciation.
Noted film maker T V Chandran, through his latest venture, seeks to offer ”homage to suicides” and claims that it is not merely another film on the gory Gujarat riots. In ‘Kathavasheshan’ (who is no more), he claims, is still a positive call to live valiantly though the protagonist in the film commits suicide in ‘the shame of being.’ The director, whose last film ‘Padam onnu- Oru Vilapam’ (Lesson One-A cry) won several national and international recognitions, also wants to say that his hero ends his life as an altruist, unlike the majority, after knowing that his one-time acquaintance in Gujarat was gangraped and killed in the riots there.

The film begins with the sudden suicide of Gopinathan, staying alone in a flat in the city and the plot develops as a search by Renuka (done by Jyothirmayi) probing the reasons for his death. She comes across 14 people, speaking different languages in several places, only to know that everybody had only good things to say about him, for he managed to rise above languages proving that the bond of humanism was above any other relation. Well that’s it as an appreciation.

But I’m still on the death note by Gopinathan, “For the Shame of Being Alive”. It’s not an indication that he was unable to react as an alive human, but to the point where he is disabled to react, where anarchy ironically rules world. A gangraped and killed in the riots in Gujarat was titled in majority of news papers, and many have read it and might have sympathized. But how many have empathized as Gopinathan does? Or How many have asked this question why such deep trauma in his article Rape — The Curse of an Educated Society and whims of Cowardly Men … ? This is not a note on increased rape rate, but the cause on empathy. Many are died day by day or become the victim of cruel destiny and are pasteurized in news headlines. Readers often sympathize and seldom empathize. It’s just not that easy too. Pain is the most commoner. Irrespective of region and state it speaks through one language and understood to all. As the character Uncle of Gopinathan says “Although his language is not understood, I feel his cry with the same effect he has”.

The story, I feel, is all about empathy. Gopinathan is the best example and of course Renuka who just do not stop with the shock caused by the suicide.

  1. Sachin Suresh says:

    You are correct…. No one will dare to do as Gopinathan. Its one of the excellent film in Malayalam. A big salute to T.V Chandran Sir. I would like to say more about this film. But the words that i studied is not enough for that. Still those words are disturbing my mind “For the Shame of Being Alive”

  2. Sivaprasad says:

    Ya what ever u said was absolutely correct… Like u i too apologize him not for seeing the movie earlier.. The movie have a message and he delivers with heart touching effect…

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