Into Thy Hands Lord, I Commend my Spirit…

Posted: August 12, 2006 in Articles

Jesus said this at the completion of Passion and Crucifixion followed by “El, El, Lam-ma Sabakthani”. I repeat them while enter each omnibus to catch my end. Millions of people travel everyday by bus trusting those mighty hands of a bus driver. On each travel he promises to hold my life safely in his hands till I get down at my station.

I would have started travelling by bus even when I was kid who did not know what that big moving box exactly served. As I grew to 6-8 I wondered how he manage to ride this Herculean bus (for me to balance a bicycle was a Herculean task). And I wanted to be a bus driver those days.

By the care of God, I never met with an accident at bus, though my knees suffer a lot while I ride on my bike. Some of those drivers were my acquittance and some of them were not. Yet he signs up Service Level Agreement when the conductor fetches the ticket I paid for and he adhere to it. To be honest, these drivers were more customer oriented than the ticket checker, who stares at me when I ask for a Rs. 5 ticket and give him a hundred bucks. The door checker at times never let wheel end moving though I have to get down. He gives a double bell and I had to disobey the rule of the road “Never get down while moving”.

I remember on schooldays, the 8:30 am bus driver was kind enough to stop beside though I have more steps to reach the station. He gently sides the bus near me, and nice of him giving a smile everyday. I wouldn’t the never committ mistakes. To my luck there was not harmful mistakes from their end yet. I remember them with all gratitude and love. They are some the heroes who defends the life of many a man, though for little time.

  1. freebird says:

    man travel along “thrissur – kunnamkulam”, “Calicut -REC”, “Calicut – Kannur” or “Calicut – Kuttiyadi” route once, and you may reconsider your opinion ! According to the popular saying “if schumacher travels in any of these routes once, he will stop driving”

    Well anyway I do respect the bus driver who used to take care of u.

  2. pinpong says:

    Nice thought.. 🙂

    “Each coin has two sides”, so are bus drivers..

    When it comes to competition and spirit, they outride the race of mothers in Kerala for SSLC Rank and School Festival Kalathilakam.

    I have seen both good and bad drivers. During college (Pre-Degree), we used to rely on “Keshu Mama” (aka KSRTC bus) for better travelling though, it would mean we travelled without students concession. That is not because KSRTC drivers are better, but because they don’t have to compete for schedules.

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