The Religion of God

Posted: July 31, 2006 in Religion

I have asked this question always. If god is Christian, who is the god of Hinduism. If he is Islam, then what’s the reasoning behing the christian dogma that there is only one god. Everyone wants to go on pilgrimage to his island.

All our transitory possessions, objects, passions, ideals and even our mortal bodies are destined to him, seeking out the great and eternal cosmic spirit, may be thats the quest of each creation. This empoweres soul, experiencing the universal connection with all beings. Connected feeling involves recognising that all levels of consciousness are valid and equally human. I think God’s religion is MAN. I wait for the Carpe Diem, to hear what he calls us Hindu, Christian, Islam or Sikh? I hope him call me “man”.

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  1. Nasrajan says:

    “God’s religion MAN” – Or is it the reverse.. I think above everything, we should believe in the eternal Truth .. Thats God..

    Anyway, wise thought and good words .. Keep going ..

  2. Achu says:

    When one say “God”, it’s meaning differ from person to person. That may
    differ even among two people who belong to the same religion. Someone define it as “ultimate truth”, the other may define it as “the creator” or “universe”.
    In that sense, we can not link religion directly to God, thought it is the common way. Even there are religions which are not based on the so called “God” concept.

  3. Sathya says:

    Anbe Sivam – A film from Padmashree Kamal Hassan answers your question – Who is god, and what religion he belongs. The worst thing is its not in the list of God – words on wikipedia. Let me blog on it – snarasoft@gmail

  4. Abdul says:

    No religion teaches separate gods for seperate sects. The God is one who created the Universe and everything and everyone in it. I think this is the common teaching of all religion.

    The thought in the arun’s post is highly simplistic if we think deep. And people tend to or love to think that way. And in Kerala context it is the common (Left) consciousness.

  5. Jeff says:

    I dont really believe there is a god at all.
    If there was, then why is there so many gods ? Why dont animals believe in a god ? How does your soul get to “heaven” or “hell” when your body could never get there? Why hasnt Jesus resurected, especially now, when christianity is dying ? Why are there sins written in the bible, when some couldnt have existed when the original bible was written ?

    Nobody truely knows what happens when you die. You can go to heaven or hell. You can just go black, with no thought. You can have another life, as a different creature, human etc. You can wander anywhere you want as a ghost.

    You just don’t know.

  6. I should answer you my friend

    why is there so many gods ?
    Why people wear different kinds of dress, why people have different taste of food. God is there in everyones life, but his presence is just different according to the ethnic difference and way of living. In whatever way it looks like, dress is the same. in whatever taste it exists, food is just on thing. Just like, in whatever name or whatever appearance God is he is just the same.

    Why dont animals believe in a god ?
    Have you seen animal dress themselves, have you seen animal marries with ring or giving a banquet to his friends, have you seen an animal govt. have you seen an animal having their own college, their own hospital. Have you seen them learn to write and use computer. They are beyond their sense. There is no sense in your argument that if animal dont have computer, so men should not use it. God is beyond their sense.
    How does your soul get to “heaven” or “hell” when your body could never get there?
    have you ever said hell in your life? or this could be heaven? they are the state of mind. heaven and hell are the state of soul, where is feels comfortable it is heaven and where not, it is hell. You should feel happy in your life when you give an old cloth to a dress less man in the winter. This is an after effect that you did a nice job. Hell and Heaven are the after effect of the deeds when you were alive. Thats why Jesus himself said”The kingdom of god(heaven) is within you”

    Why hasnt Jesus resurected, especially now, when christianity is dying ?
    I just wonder on your statement Xtianity is dying. If there are back students in the class, will u say the education is dying. In any realm of life, you would find back performing stream. That does not signify that the sphere is dead. Wherever the christianity fails, they resurrect. The die hard believe in christ is just enough from her to resurrect.

    Why are there sins written in the bible, when some couldnt have existed when the original bible was written ?
    No history has ever written at the right it happened. they are written only after the years. Still they spread over the word of mouth. You hear the story of your Great Grand Pa went for fishing and got many fishes. You were not there at the time your grand pa lived. Still you believe that they are happened. These oral tradition was later entered in to book, if you think of writing a book on your ancestry. Bible is written later, but the things happened in the ages popular by oral tradition.

    You just don’t know.?
    Do you know the days when you are in your mothers womb, how you rotated? how you have grown, can you just write upon in from your knowledge alone? But your parents and the doctor knows the entire story. If you don’t know something, it does not mean they are not existing. I have never been to African Forests, I have never seen them.Does that mean, there is no African forest. No one has seen your brain, even you have not. Does that mean you dont have a brain. I hope I have answered you.

    Thanks for your good will to write here.

  7. Anita says:

    arunchullikkal, you summed that up beautifully, well done.

    Good on you brother, may God bless you richly.

    Jesus is alive and coming back hold fast to your crown my friend. 🙂

  8. Lal Mohan says:

    I like your reply to “You just don’t know.?”..
    The ultimate aim of our life is realization of god.. religions and rituals are building the blocks to experience this truth, but they are not our goals.

  9. MMC says:

    Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened.
    When we want the truth enough, nothing will keep it away.
    Idle, weak speculation gets a weak response.

    [and please vote for Ron Paul!]

  10. Wayne says:

    There is only one truth… that is why it is truth. Bewilderment is not a necessary element in the propitiation in our seeking the Divine… curiosity is inadequate. Love must be the drive. God has clearly lain it out to any true seeker. Jesus Christ said,” I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. NO MAN comes to the Father but by me.” You might say,” What about the person who has never heard of Christ, never heard the Gospel?” Well, we are made in the image of God and therefore His nature is written on our hearts and acts as a conscience. Thus, if that unreached person were to die and they lived by conscience and was good… they would go to heaven. This doesn’t negate the fact that there is only one way up, though. That person’s mediator is still Christ. So, the Truth is He is the Way. Truth is always and only absolute. That is why there are true and false questions on elementary school tests. That is why there is right and wrong. That is why there is honesty and lying. Etc, etc, etc… Finding ways to “Coexist” is the opposite of love in my opinion. The reason is: If I truly believe to my core what I profess to believe, and I truly care for and love my fellow man then I will share with all my cunning and strength that good thing that I have. To do any less would not be love. Its the same decision a doctor encounters in amputation,” I must amputate (this persons belief will ultimately damn them). If I do the operation they will be saved, but it will cause them pain (If I share my faith genuinely, they might inherit life or they may hate me.)” The difference is embracing truth will make a man whole and amputation leaves him less. The ultimate wellbeing of God’s creations is His delight… not their momentary pleasure. Not offending someone has far greater damage than sharing of faith. That is why sin takes the form of actions that deliver momentary bliss. Not offending someone only ensures momentary peace. And that is also why God says the the blood of His saints ( all those who live by faith) is precious to Him. The end result being eternal life and happiness. If life were a string that ran infinitely from east to west… the length of “this” life would be one over hand knot in the middle. So, no my friends, God is not a Christian… He is God, but all who are His come through one gate… Yeshua the Christ. You are either resurrected unto life or unto death.

  11. Rich says:

    The fact of the matter is no one understands or can comprehend God. I am not claiming to understand God.
    If we look in the Bible it says, ” In the beginning God created heavens and Earth.”
    That very statement says that God exists out side of time and outside of the three dimensions that we experience. Recently science has shown us that we coexist with additional dimensions.
    In that context it makes sense that God exists outside of time and space. It makes sense then that he would realize that we could not comprehend him and would not be able to have a relationship with him, so he appeared as a man.
    This is further confirmed because the Bible is actually many books by many writers, and all of the Old Testament books prophesy the coming of God as a man. Some predicted the time it would happen, hundreds of years before the fact.
    Understand it, I would not be so bold as to say I do, but because I am wise enough to say I don’t; I am open to hearing more of the truth and gain more understanding.

  12. God is to dwell in hearts!

    Heart is the potential dwelling of God, so let God make your heart the divine abode. Heart when enlightened works as a divine telephone, through which man can communicate with God. Through enlightened heart only, the man can connect with God.

    How do we enlighten hearts?

    A heart is a pumping station, circulating blood is its main function. The idea is to utilize its throbs ,synchronising God’s name within. The constant repetition of God’s name produces God’s light. The heart, being a pumping station circulates the Light-oriented blood all over the body. As a result of this, not only does the heart get enlightened but also the whole body.

    God’s name is granted by a perfect spiritual guide.

    God’s name is divine like God’s Essence. God’s name is the source of God’s light. God’s name, written or printed on paper does not render light. God’s name is granted to Prophets and Saints in form of light onto their hearts. The Gift of God’s name is passed onto hearts of aspirants. A true Spiritual Guide is divinely blessed with the power and authority of conferring God’s name to those who seek enlightenment.

    His Holiness RA Gohar Shahi calls the entire world through God’s name and Divine Love

    His Holiness RA Gohar Shahi calls out all human beings, without the discrimination of religion, colour or nationalities, to receive the Gift of God’s name from Him or His appointed representatives

    Do not find God!
    Because He is far and beyond the reach of human intellect and sight. So let God find you!
    How does God find you?
    God recognises His Own Light, no matter whosoever bears it.
    Bring into your heart even a minute spark of God’s light. As soon as your heart is enlightened, you automatically come within the range of God’s sight, because he looks at shiny hearts.

    Mehdi Foundation International United Kingdom

  13. Johnny says:

    The God 🙂
    he help me all the time
    and i speak with him

  14. Jennifer says:

    A way I can speak to God is if you pray to do that you need to pray every night before you go to sleep because if you don’t pray angels won’t guard you so you need to pray and angels will always be by your side.God is kind and he can solve your problems if your give him your heart.I already gave God my heart and he changed my whole life and made it happier.I gave my heart to God because I had a hard life and I thought and I gave my heart to God.Oh and God is coming so you better hurry there’s no time left your ticket to heaven is if you belive in God and give God your heart…….I HOPE I SEE YOU IN HEAVEN WITH GOD!

  15. Wayne says:


    I don’t know if you were referring to the Christian God or not, but if you were you were wrong about the angels. Paul said that once you are God’s… nothing can snatch you out of His grasp; and I believe he meant nothing. You are His now and forever and any time you spend on this earth is just a stint. You shouldn’t worry about this life. But again with the angels. God said over Jerusalem,” On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen who shall never hold their peace.” God was talking about His people and not streets and buildings. Rest assured that God has counted you no less worthy of such protection as He sent His Son for you. He has given you Angels that never leave you or rest and not because of the merit of prayer but because of His unwavering love for you.


  16. James says:

    Does it matter as to what Religion “God” is God of??
    In christianity, God says that he has many rooms in His house. Surely this can be accepted as He has enough rooms for all religions. If this is so it would show that God, is the God of all Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus etc. Thus there becomes no point in religious divisions and sects. Different people interpret God in different ways, both as individual people and as a whole community or nation. In the same way, The Bible can be interpreted in different ways, which has led to divisions within the same religion’s beliefs. Most religions agree that there is only one true God.

  17. Jason says:

    God is love, God is light
    God is black, God is white
    God is female, God is male
    God is beyond what the senses can assail

    God is shining through your heart
    through the brushstrokes of Michaelangelo’s art
    in the verse of a Shakespearian poem
    in the paradox of a Zen Buddhist koan

    God is sweetness, God is fire
    God can ignore you, or grant your greatest desire
    God is Om, Allah, Jehovah, Christ
    God is there when you treat your neighbour nice

    God is you, God is me
    God is knowable, and a mystery

  18. Jason says:

    God is love, God is light
    God is black, God is white
    God is female, God is male
    God is beyond what the senses can assail

    God is shining through your heart
    through the brushstrokes of Michaelangelo’s art
    and in the verse of a Shakespearian poem
    even in the paradox of a Zen Buddhist koan

    God is sweetness, God is fire
    God can ignore you, or grant your greatest desire
    God is birth, God is death
    God is found in the rhythm of breath

    God is you, God is me
    God is knowable, and a mystery

  19. Anony (njaan alla) says:

    ആദിയില്‍ ദൈവം ആകാശവും ഭൂമിയും സൃഷ്ടിച്ചെന്ന് വിശ്വസിച്ചില്ലെങ്കില്‍?
    ദൈവം നിന്നെ നരകത്തില്‍ ഇട്ട് റോസ്റ്റ് ചെയ്യും. വലിച്ചു കീറി തലപ്പാവ് കെട്ടും.
    തള്ളേ, പരിപ്പെളകിപ്പോകുവല്ല്!

    ആദിയില്‍ ഒന്നുമില്ലായ്മ ബാങ്ങ് ചെയ്തെന്ന് വിശ്വസിച്ചില്ലെങ്കില്‍?
    നീ സത്യം അറിയാത്ത അന്ധനാകും.
    അത്തറേയുള്ളു? അതായിക്കോളാം. നോ വറി.

    ആദിയില്‍ ദൈവം ആകാശവും ഭൂമിയും സൃഷ്ടിച്ചെന്ന് ആന്റോ വിശ്വസിച്ചു. മറ്റെത് വിശ്വസിച്ചില്ലേല്‍ വല്യ പ്രോബ്ലം ഒന്നും ഒണ്ടാകത്തില്ലല്ലോ.

  20. Anuj Kumar Airi says:

    Dear humans…..
    one day i saw light glowing from the candle as a beacon. trust me and believe in god.

  21. 'Tari says:

    I have had several religious experiences. And to tell you the truth, I’m not the kind of person that would ever expect something like that to happen to them; I’ll dead logical. But after feeling and seeing these things I know without a doubt that God really does exist.

    And on the subject of which religion is true – I believe they all are. They all focus mainly on the same things, don’t they? Who is to say that our God isn’t the God worshiped by millions of other religions?

  22. Free Fallin says:

    I hear what your saying – quite powerful indeed.

  23. For me God is everything be it Christian, Hinduism or Islam and so GOD cannot be restrained to particular religion.

  24. Brodit says:

    I am a athiest and for me god does not exist. God is truth for me. NO NO NO…… this is the belief system which i used to carry for a long time but now I have realized that God is omnipresent, invisible power and very true that one must not narrow themselves to a particular religion as god.Thanks:)

  25. The Red Pilgrim says:

    Relativism is evil. There is one complete truth. Saying there is not one absolute complete truth is ignorance to the supreme. The reality is nature itself shows us that tangibles are often homogeneous… i.e. elements. Why would the intangibles of the universe not abide the same rules? Do all the religions of the earth have truth? Yes, there are in them the splinters of light which guide us to the greater, whole truth. The truths in those incomplete “Ways” are a foreshadowing of “THE WAY.” They are mythologies, the venerated imaginations of every society. And just as man uses language and writing as his medium of mythology, God has used in His supreme mastery the medium of human history. Read the Odyssey and the Iliad, the Mayans and Aztecs and the Norse societies, the Thuggee cult of India, look at the varying myths of man and you see that covenants are made always in blood between each other and the gods. The priest is almost always required to eat of the sacrifice to commune with the god on behalf of the community. Has there ever been an age when men didn’t know that harvest corn and wine was the flesh and blood of a dying yet living God? These things are the sum of God’s providence in the anthropology of man, that they may be guided to full truth by them upon revelation of THE TRUTH. Jesus Christ is the true myth. As men used pens and language, God in His infinite wonder used history and mankind to write his story. Christ came fulfilling all those myths of dying gods. He said,” This is my body… this is My blood which is given up for you.” Signifying the very truth all societies know that all covenants are sealed in blood. That under the species of bread and wine Christ would mystically abide with His people as has been the understanding of men in all continents since time immemorial. God is not confined in any religion, nor anyone’s truth. HE is ALL truth. Don’t be a fool and think the nomenclature of ‘Christianity’ is a box in which God resides, God is the box. The Euangelion, The Gospel is the Truth.

  26. Melissa says:

    I think the way you think is very true and you have come to an important realisation- that there is only one God and one religion- the eternal faith of God. This eternal faith reappears from age to age under different names- Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha’i Faith. Although the names differ as well as the outward practices (such as laws and traditions), the essential part of each faith remains the same and serves the purpose of advancing human consciousness. For more information, see

  27. Mobile Blog says:

    God is one and that is only when you feel him each moment and live life in soul-consciousness. Without that it is difficult to realize the Power of the soul and the Superpower GOD indeed. We connect GOD with religion so that everyone keeps faith in GOD no matter that they truly feel or realize GOD.

  28. “Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord” Have faith, BELIEVE, because what else is better than to believe in the Son of God who suffered, bled and died on that cross to forgive us of our sins..the sins of all Mankind!? Jesus is my light in my life, guiding me, helping me, making me wise, healing me in many ways, providing me with food and other needs, pouring His love out onto me and giving me confidence and hope when i need it.
    I once walked in darkness and i was lost, but i gave my heart to the Lord and now i walk in the light and i am found!
    God wants to have an intimate relationship with you, that’s what He wants! He already knows everything about you, your thoughts, your past, your present and future. He knows how many hairs there are on your head. There is NOTHING He doesn’t know! He loves YOU! He loves me! He loves EVERYBODY! He loves every person on earth, deeply! He created us with His own hands, so He loves us more than we can know. God is the Father, God is the Son and God is the Holy Spirit. The way to the Father is through Jesus and the Holy Spirit helps you to choose Jesus. So, what are you waiting for? Choose Jesus, and your life will be changed forever! You shall receive eternal life by becoming a child of God! Jesus is my savior and the savior of all Christians. He wants to be your savior too!

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