The Voice of Enigma

Posted: July 28, 2006 in Lyrics

“Good evening

This is the voice of Enigma

In the next hour, we will take you with us into another world

Into the world of

music…spirit… and meditation….

Turn off the light, take a deep breath, and relax
Start to move slowly, very slowly
Let the rhythm be your guiding light”

Like nothing Else.Long ago, for many
Years White men came in the name of GOD.
They took their land, they took their livesA new age has just begun.They lost their GODS, they lost their smile
They cried for help for the last time.
Liberty was turning into chains
But all the white men said

I have been hearing this when music statrted becoming enjoyable to my ears. I dont know when it started actually. It has been there in my ear drums since I stay back with a single reason of music. It never tires me. And I enjoy them in all moods, when I’m sad, weeping, rocking… But I have not add them in my fav music. Becus its not just favorite. I would have asked Webster or Johnson if they were my peer, to find a better word for it.

  1. kilikkunju says:

    Enigma – nnu vacha enthaaaaaaaaaa

  2. login into

  3. JishaAshok says:

    “Into the world of music, spirit, and meditation..” I like those, maybe bcuz I used to see this written in red, blue and green colours at the entrance to my brother’s room..

    I loved his room because of the soothing music wafting in the air currents.. the colourful quotes in the room, that he had drwan with the crayons..

    and this music always reminds me of that room.. those days I cuddled myself in the room .. and how i loved enjoying every music that he played..

    Thanks Arun for bringing back those melodious memories into my life today..

  4. urmise says:

    onnu podappaney!!! avandey oru enigma….

  5. freebird says:

    Even i have the same comments about enigma. Even though considered anti-christ, satanic etc the Enigma lyrics are the most christianic lyrics ive ever heared. … Mea Culpa is one …

    Well, ever heared those songs in reverse ? In the satan praising mode ? 😉

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