We shall pass this way; but once

Posted: July 27, 2006 in Life

I was on outing with my family, we get into a church to rest in the afternoon. As i was hanging out in the graveyard, I found this epitaph on grave.

“We shall pass this way

but once

All the good that can be done

do it now

For we shall not pass this way



They arrested my thoughts. But still I procastianate. I think I need to write this up on my epitaph. It would help another hang out

  1. kilikkunju says:

    epitaph ennu vachal enthaaaaaaaa….

  2. JishaAshok says:

    you have so many years to live my dear.. just put a link on your site to that epitaph in the graveyard 😉

    This is what I used to love watching while travelling from home in the bus .. the church next to the graveyard.. I dont know if it can be called a church, because there’s a main church too..

    The black letters that showed from the plain white background goes like this :

    “Innu Njaan Naale Nee”

    The Church is now renovated, and the old monument that I used to look for is no more .. but the words still linger in my thoughts

    “Innu Njaan Naale Nee”

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