The Da Vinci Code : Film and Novel

Posted: July 27, 2006 in Literature

Dan starts novel saying ” Its all true, and the evident pictures, statements, certificates and rituals stated in the novel are very true: And on other end the movie unfolds with the title saying “Its all imaginatory and has no way related to alive or dead. Now, I repeat as Pilot asked Jesus “What is truth” He dint wait for the answer, But I wait here

I think Catholics must not have made such hues and cries against this. Obviosly there is chance. They received Passion of Christ with all trumpets and palm leaves. So it hurts when the same medium turn againt. Anyway, I would expect them to go with an ideoligical fight instead of banning. As usual it created some waves till it reached big screen. But I think this is a harmless creature comaparing to Many Faces of Jesus and such genre. This is not more than detective stuff.

  1. let me put my thoughts in a single sentence.

    DaVinci Code.. was a Novel.. I read the novel enjoyed it…..the Movie, Da Vinci Code , was a movie I saw it and Enjoyed it…it was a novel and it was a movie………. nothing else..

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