Missed Calls

Posted: July 27, 2006 in Articles

Oops! I missed it. Nay i missed my money all along and she saves from missed calls. It wont more than 2 seconds for her to give a missed call. But it takes a long chat when I call back. I love nitecalls becus they are either free or slashed, but my day bills…

And then another call comes up saying i gave missed call so he/she called back. I wondered how do i know his/her number. But it says i made a missed call… At last i thought to do it..and my display is not working now…Ola…I never gonna have missed calls

  1. dinsan says:

    great are the missed call when you dont have a call for you..
    great are the missed calls when you don’t have enough balance ( u can give a missed call and wait for a call back )
    great are the missed calls coz they let you know that someone rmember you.

    Too bad too bad is the one when u were waiting for her call…….and you were not near the phone……

  2. JishaAshok says:

    to add to this.. sometimes, you do not know if your dearone at the other end would indeed like to talk to you at the moment..

    a miss call helps.. the dearone at the other end realizes you are really missing him.. and makes a call to you at the moment..

    the bills dosent matter to him at that moment.. but if you had called him, and waited for him to take the receiver.. it might not be the same kind of affection you receive.. the reaction would be nightmarish !

    just to let people know that misscall helps at times when the other person is in a meeting, or is at the situations when his clients are shouting at him 😀

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