Christianity and Churchianity

Posted: July 23, 2006 in Religion

There is a clear cut division between christianity and churchianity. While the former follows christ ,later follows church; the leader for the former is Pope , Pastor or whoever may be high priest of the church and later, Christ. I think we have more churchians around us.

  1. omeanso says:

    Nice try, taking the oh-so-tired swipe at Catholocism from the equally decadent Protestant altar. Mainstream Protestantism worships the Bible, not Christ, and its “corpus christi” is a body politic, not the Body of Christ.

    If you want to get past Churchianity –and I commend you for noticing the difference and caring enough to post about it– you need to look for the living Christ BEYOND theology. This is found in the mystic path of every religion, but if loyalty to Christianity is important to you –and I’m not saying it shouldn’t be– then Quakerism is one of your best options. Don’t disregard the Christianity of the Catholic mystics like St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Teresa of Avila and Thomas Merton though; they were extremely astute and far from the caricature of papist sheep.

    If you wish to know more on the subject, I have a website that I believe is of value for those seeking the path beyond Churchianity.

    Fish Out Of Water —

    Namaste & Blessed be

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