EndoSulfan and VS

Posted: July 22, 2006 in Articles

VS, he was heading into anything when he was the opposition leader, and one such ocassion was preys Endosalfan in the Dist of Kasaragode. Seems, like it was dramma when I find him silent in the cabinet as the Hon. Minister of Agriculture was boasting with the report submitted by the Dept of Agriculture that there was no death caused by Endosalafan in north part of Kerala. I wondered how could VS be silent then. Or that would be a political silence, to underline that the ways to power to be cleansed by the sweat blood and tears of the poor and weak. When you reach the hieghest, who need them again.

Sakhave, It will add stains in your white khadhar, I would suggest you to save yourself from being the CM and go and sit with the opposition team. We the poeple would request UDF to make u as the leader of the team. You are great when you were the opposition leader

  1. Sooraj says:


  2. Arun says:

    Now Minister of Agriculture have admitted his mistake and VS visited affected areas and did gave relife funds. Have filed case against the pesticide also.

  3. rashid says:

    iam student of maharajas college ernakkkulam

  4. P.C SHAMEEM says:

    Dear Mr. Arun

    It is nice to know u r thinking abt such a portion of life. I am an activist, dist. committee member of Solidarity Youth Movement. I request ur kind selves to kindly get me more fotos of the endosalfan effected persons/children of kasargod through my mail and oblige.

    Thanking u in anticipations

    urs lovingly

    P.C Shameem

  5. P.C SHAMEEM says:

    pls contact me through the mail.

  6. P.C SHAMEEM says:

    congrads. I’ll contact u over telephone

  7. anwar muhammed says:

    dear Arun,
    I need more “effected images” .pls send it to
    my mail box.

  8. sreekumar says:

    send more victims images to me.
    ldf govt: take many remedial measures

  9. Dibofoes says:

    DiBoFoES: Why endosulfan still in use in india: Ban it please….

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